C'section q?

Hi all I need to have a section, lm due on the 5th Aug wont find out the date for it until 9th July does anyone know roughly wen they normally do it?Also how long roughly it takes t recover?thanx xx


  • Its usually done at 38/39 weeks and they do normally say that you can take upto 6 weeks to recover from it or possibly more. Like Joanne&brood said everyone is different.
  • had mine at 37 and half weeks elective because of breech. was 8lb 5oz then!!
    Said 6 weeks to recover. was walking into town with him when week old, driving at 2 weeks(check with insurance company but mine said ok with dr when i was ready, only had to be able to do emergency stop, causes pressure on scar). by 6 weeks no pain at all, but scar sometimes ached if did too much.
    my hospitals policy this time round is not before 39 weeks unless other medical reason(i have diabetes and grow big babies so hoping for 38 weeks). depends on your hospital.
    i had plenty of painkillers when left hospital and still breastfed, didnt seem to cause a problem with LO, but rest when you can and take all offers of help. Good luck hun
    Filo x
  • Hi depending on the reason for the section they will do it anything from 37wks +. I too mite have to have a section and will find out on the 9th June and the mw has said that it will prob be at 39wks for me. As far as recovery goes they say around 6wks but some women handle recovery alot better than others. I had an emergency section last time and found the recovery really hard so im hoping that a planned section will mean a more trouble free recovery. Good luck. Kerry xxx

  • Hi i had a section on Monday and was 37+4. Came home from hospital Tuesday and walked into town and took kids to school Wednesday and today. Pain has eased of alot but still eating painkillers. The anticipation of doing things i have found is actually worse than the actual doing. Got to be sure I dont do too much or my back aches but aprt from that I feel fine. Everyone is different though and as this was my 3rd section I knew to get up and walk up straight as soon as possible. Good luck
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