Chicken Pox

My husband works with someone who's child has got chicken pox and I wondered how worried I should be? I have had chicken pox (even though it was just one spot apparently) when I was a child but have heard that this can be very serious when pregnant. My husband has had chicken pox and shingles in more recent years.
have said that there isn't much I can do apart from look for symptoms but wondered if anyone new anything more?
Claire 27 + 3


  • Hi. I work in a school, where chicken pox was going round a couple of months ago. I was told by mw that as long as you've had chicken pox it's not too much of a worry. Also, as you're past 12 weeks, and not into the last couple of weeks of pregnancy everything should be fine. Hope that helps. Emma
  • Thanks Emma that's reassurring, I will tell my dh not to worry.
  • My niece has chicken pox at the moment. I've never had it, so asked my midwife how worried I should be, and like Emma said, it's only a problem in the first trimester (and right at the very end).

    So really, try not to worry.

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