Definately TMI but need help :(

As well as the usual round ligament pain i have, over the past couple of weeks, noticed that my lady bits feel very very sore.

I can think of no better way to describe it than feeling like ive been kicked hard in between the legs.

Its even affecting the way i walk.

My mum says its too early for pressure.

Also for the past 2 days i have had cramping with is EXACTLY like period pains

What could this be???? Im 22 weeks 1 day.


  • Possibly the beginnings of SPD? it sounds very similar hun.

    Google it and see if your symtpoms match? I also have it and at the moment it feel like someone is trying to separate my pelvis image
  • I just googled it.

    Is there anything else that could be causing it?

    This SPD sounds quite serious and scary. I dont wanna go to my doctor unless its absolutely necessary. I dont see my midwife for another 6 weeks
  • You could just call the midwife to talk to her on the phone. I'm sure the Drs can give you a number, or call the early pregnancy unit at your hospital. They'll advise if you need to see someone.
  • I have had crampin from early on and have seen my doc a few times but it seems to be getting worse and thyre finding no reason for it.

    Is pain in the pubic area normal in pregnancy????
  • it could be mild spd

    iv got it to the extent where it hurts to get in/out of bath, walk up/down the stairs, extremely painful during night and hurts to have sex, but i dont need crutches or a wheelchair like some of the ladies on here. it might get worse as baby gets heavier but so far its stayed the same for a few weeks.

    go to ur doc or make an app with ur local community midwife via ur docs. - u can never be making a fuss over nothing if ur pregnant !!!!
  • i've been in a lot of pain since fri, and it's a constant dull pain with really bad cramps and i called mw fri who said if same on sat to call back who then had me up to he hosp to check baby's hart beat and me for infections, as there was not really any problems and everything came back fine i've been told its my body trying to stretch to accommodate baby growing and that this is causing a presure to somthing down there (dunno what i failed biology, she did say but i forgot) also was told that lower abdominal pain is comen during pregnancy and to take pain killers, not much help i know but i've been singed of work for a week,
    think it could be worth calling your mw after all they are there to help, take care xxx

  • SPD sweetie it feels exactly as you described. mine only hurt at bedtime to start with but now it feels like ive been kicked hard between the legs.
  • Bedtime seems to be the worse time - i cant get comfortable and even turning over wakes me up in pain.

    I just left a message for my midwife so hopefully get a callback soon.

    What can they do to check if it is SPD and if it is what is the treatment???
  • Hope it's not spd... i had it with my daughter last year and was horrible, i'm 22 weeks pg this time and it's returned but alot worse... you will prob be refered to a physio, they can give you a support belt, (didnt really help me), or crutches and or a wheelchair if its that bad. They also tell you lots of common sense things like how to get out of bed and the car and how to climb the stairs etc. My physio also offered accupuncture (but i hate needles). Apart from that there isnt much they can do... advise to take paracetamol and have warm baths. The good news is once your lo arrives things should go back to normal, i was pain free within 2 weeks of giving birth.
    Hope this helps. x
  • How will they be able to check if i have it??? image

    Are there tests that need to be done?? xx
  • I think I have SPD, I have spoken to several MW over the phone and they are useless, have also seen my own MW and she doen't seem to care, I can't even walk to the shops with out being in pain the rest of the day, it was so bad one night I threaten to sleep on the sofa, it hurt way too much to get up the stairs.

    Hope fully your MW will be a little more sympathetic than mine, I'm practically house bound as I don't drive and used to walk everywhere.
  • They dont do any tests no, they will just ask lots of questions, when it hurts, describe the pain etc. We had to fill in a little questionnaire. Read up on spd, google it, read the symptoms if you have it you will know.
    also forgot to say my physio checked my shoulders were aligned last time and they werent so advised me to put an insole in my left shoe? weird eh? (suppose they know what they are doing, didnt notice any difference and as time went on my feet were so swollen there was no room for the insole in my shoe!
  • I have all the sypmtoms.

    Im just sick of being so tired from lack of sleep image I cant get comfortable at all
  • god, tell me about it, i'm sitting here seriously considering putting little DS to bed so I can get some rest, also trying to wean myself off caffine, have just given in and made an expresso just so I can stay awake for a bit longer, even though I know if I fall asleep I'll never sleep comforably so probably wake up hurting and more irritable.
  • Im still working 9-5 monday to friday image

    Sitting at the desk is ok but trying to cross / uncross my legs or getting up to go to the copier or upstairs to the canteen is hell.

    I never ever expected being pregnant would make you feel like you've been smacked in the ladybits with a brick image

  • hi hun ive got spd n yeah feels like been kicked in the worst possible place but a really long pillow that u can tuck between ur legs n under ur bump at night helps i got mine from argos!! also pain killers need to be strong so ask urdr to prescribe sum i got married last month n the weight of my dress plus the spd meant i couldnt get out of the car!!! oh also boots do a really good pregnancy muscle soak its called medeteranian pregnacy muscle soothing something any way they keep it by the baby shampoos n its bright purple so u cant miss it. hope u feel better soon xxxx
  • I used to get shooting pains down my lady bits when i was pg it was just the muscles twitching.

    Hope it feels better soon

  • This isnt twitching pains its more like a constant ache after a good beating. If i didnt know any better id swear i was bruised lol!

    Gonna invest in some muscle soak and a pillow - thanks for the tips. Still waiting on a callback from midwife (its a joke) so hoping she will get me something strong to stop the pain and help me sleep
  • Hiya

    If you are getting a muscle soak, then make sure there is not clary sage oil in it, as that can start to stimulate the uterus!
  • So a bath soak can make you go into labour???

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