Saturday! Hooray!

Hiya everyone, just wondering what we are all doing today? Up to anything nice?
We are collecting our new (not actually brand new) car today since some guy crashed into the back of our other one and then gave false details at the scene. we were left with the bill and its not worth it for value of car etc. Nice people out there! Apart from that, we might go to pizza hut for lunch as we have a half price coupon! (money is tight agter having to get new car!!). And then i guess we will just have a look round some shops. Anyhting else exciting anyone got planned? xxx:\)


  • Hiya,
    It's wierd as i'm now on mat leave...Saturday doesn't seem as exciting!! ha ha!
    But, saying that hubby is off at least & i don't know what we have planned, but remembered we also have one of them pizza hut vouchers in the drawer....hmmmm, think a trip to pizza hut may also make part of our day!
    bah, what nasty people giving false details, it's hard to think that people like that actually exist, terrible!
    Good luck with the new car though
  • i envy you all, i am stuck at work, booo!!

    Nina 24+6 xx
  • Hi
    My OH is at work all day so I'm going shopping with my parents for some new light fittings - For their house not mine as they'll only argue about what to get, my dad can be very old fashioned!! We also in the process of getting our bathroom decorated so going to choose some new tiles - So not a very exciting day really. Would like to veg on the sofa as it looks very cold out.
    Enjoy your saturday everyone
  • hi we are going to homebase to get paint samples for our nursery. we already have 2 samples up but they are not right! will i ever find the right shade of pink?! xxx
  • I'm sat watching crap tv while Ollie naps and hubby looks at houses on the net, before having to make tea and go to work for the late shift. Saturdays are boring for me because work is open later on a sat night and it always seems to dragggggggggggggg
  • We have been to look at a house today- Hubby has finally come round to my way of thinking and realised we will need a bigger place once baby arrives! We are still renting at mo so with agent fees etc it will be an expensive time...

    We are home now, just had lunch and are both chilling. Have to go food shopping later, but will hopefully get something yummy for tea and light the fire and snuggle up! Last night we sat here watching my belly move with every sharp kick from baby- such enterainment! Hubby got really exited!
  • jbean, that sounds like bliss!

    What a wonderful hubby you have!
  • Homemade burgers and cookies? Yum!

    Im coming for tea!
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