update on my pregnancy.

hi ladys as you know iv had few problems with my early pregnancy bleeding two small clots but not enough bleeding to fill pads also nowhere near as much as would get with miscarriage my gynae rung me yesterday and cancelled my scan at epu as he is gonna give me scan tomoro and if pregnancy is stil viable his gonna give me hormone treatment through out next 7and bit months to keep it going if i have suffered mc then the next pregnancy i have to see my gyna as soon as i get pregnant again for treatment so feeling very hopefull now as to get an appointment with this gynae is so hard iv seen him once in a year. also my boobs are the sorest they ever been and i started getting morning sickness yesterday is this a possible sign baby could be ok? i have my appointment with gynae tomoro and in a way looking forward to it as iv been through emotional rolla coaster last two years with 3mc so i feel things will make progress for me. xil let everyone know what happens. oh and gynae only rung because i rung up the day befor emotional and the lack of care iv been shown so to get a result some times ladys pressure on the system is needed. x


  • Hi hun yes if youre having symptoms it is a good sign that all is well - I really hope the little one is sticking in there for you do let us know how it goes - sending you lots of hugs and pma will be thinking of you



  • It is good to hear you sounding really positive. I have everything crossed for you (((hugs)))
  • god im hoping for a miracle tomoro and i know they happen so if gods looking down on me hopefully everything be ok. thanks for your support and kind words hope you both and bumps are doing well x x x x
  • Crystal I cried when I read your other post when you thought you'd lost your 4th. (Emotional and pg)

    I am so happy for you that there has been a reprieve, sore boobs and sickness is a really good sign that the baby is absolutely fine.

    My heart goes out to you and I am wishing so hard for you that everything with be ok. We are due in the same month and I hope that we can enjoy our pregnancies together (via the forum of course! not being weird...)

    Niblett xxxxx
  • Good luck Crystal!!!!! So glad that it sounds like things are picking up! Good for you for putting a bit ofpressure on them, you're totally right sometimes you have to

    Got everything crossed for you xxxx
  • thanks everyone. and niblett thanks hun was so scared when i saw a clot i thought it was all over but im hoping the sickness and sore boob symptoms all of sudden is good sign. the last two weeks as been emotional pregnancy def brings out the tears lol hope your pregnancy well hun and i hope that il be staying put in july forum with you and all other lovely ladys through out next 7and bit months see the bumps grow x x x lol.
  • oh fingers crossed hun and take care. really hoping its good news tomorrow.
    Filo x
  • I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Sounds more encouraging for you. I bled very heavy while expecting dd. I was about 12 weeks and on holiday abroad at the rime. Was so sure I had suffered second mc but on my return had scan and heartbeat was found and all ok. Was put on progesterone tablets till 22 weeks and went on to have a healthy baby girl - so there is always hope.Fingers crossed that you will have a happy ending with this pregnancy xx
  • Oh I was filling up reading your post. I am so hopeful that your little bean has lots of sticky dust and that finally someone is helping you! I wish you all the luck in the world that in 8 months time you will have a gorgeous bundle of joy and all you worries will be forgotten. All the best of luck for tomorrow honey. Please keep us posted

    Tracey x x x x x
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