Hi anybody know if senokot is safe to take while pregnant??? i'm a bit 'bunged' up and can't face any more fruit!!

Sarah xx

6 weeks today !!


  • i would think it would be as its only fig juice isnt it? ive used califig before hun. x x
  • yeah i've just googled it and it just says it's vegetable extract so it can't be too harsh! i take it when I have a bit of 'trouble' and find it a very gentle way to get back in order!

    how are you feeling? i've just read your other post hope the antibiotics kick in soon, i was hospitalised with a UTI once and it's not very nice!!


  • um hun i dont want to burst ur bubble but i took 2 senokot wen i was pregas with my eldest and it gives u the proper runns i was in agony 4 hours just becarefull cos it can be lethal to ur bog roll sit just makesure u have plenty in xxx
  • should be ok then lovey. i get a bit bunged up too!

    feeling rough tbh but will have to get through it. forcing myself to drink loads of fluids (which is making me feel sick) but just dont want to go into hosp!! not nice!

    thanks hun. hope the senokot works! x x
  • hi

    just read on the senokot website, that some of their remedies are gentle enough for pregnancy (such as their high fibre drink) BUT to make sure u consult a health professional first, ie GP,mw, nhs direct or possibly a pharmacist. so i am assuming their usual senokot tablets aren't recommended

    hope this helps

  • oops thats wot i took siany the usual ones omg did i poo 4 england i thought id neva stop explains y i went the way i did lol i have never even looked at the stuff since ive bit to scared to and get flash bacs lol ive bin well constipated this time and have bin to scared to take anything cos of how i reacted last time i did xx
  • I suffer with IBS and my gp advised I could take senokot throught pg to have relive things
  • yes its fine, but i've been taking it for over a week and nothing has happend! (but i have IBS) and you can take lactalose aswell
  • I have just took this because I’m struggling too and I’m 20 weeks pregnant my mam says it’s safe for pregancy as the doctors recommend you this but all I do is worry I don’t take anything apart from paracetamol now I’m worried because I took this to help me xx 

  • One or two doses is probably fine but I was always told to avoid senokot and use lactulose or fybogel instead. Best advice would be to go to pharmacy and ask them what they recommend though. 

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