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Is this line progression normal?

Hi girls.

Is this line progression normal??

The bottom one is 13dpo.

It this normal? It looks slightly ever so lighter.

Any help is appreciated guys. Deciding whether to tell DBs parents today as he's going insane 


  • It looks fine hun. A line is a line take it from me, put the tests down and enjoy being pregnant, don't drive yourself mad. Congrats!

  • Thank you I can't help but worry I might have a mmc or cp 

  • I know how it is hun I've experienced both,  but unfortunately if it's going to happen it will happen, no good worrying about it just take every day as it comes and enjoy the good days. Today you are pregnant so just cherish that.  

    I was the same but I'm almost 17 weeks now and st get worried moments, but I try and enjoy each day as it is. x

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