Long Awaited or Big Suprise?

Hi My Pregnant Companions,
I was just wondering out of us all who's pregnancies were planned and who's were accidents (if they are really possible). I just ask because although my first pregnancy was a complete shock (as i was on the pill and doing a-levels) once id got over the initial shock i was chuffed. This time however we timed it so I wud give birth wen I finish my uni course, and I was lucky to fall pregnant first time. So I was just wondering how long people had been trying for, or if they had been trying at all? Kerry xxx



  • Mine was what felt like long awaited.

    We lost a baby in march at 14 weeks after "accidentally" falling pregnant the first time we slept together. Then we started to ttc and I got my bfp in October so 7 months on and now I'm 18 weeks image

  • Hi,
    mine was an accident! I was on the pill and had to take some antibotics! When the doc confirmed it to me, my first word was "ballocks" which he found very funny.
  • hiya ours was planned this is our first baby, i came off pill 6 months ago and we started trying straight away ( shouldn't have really cos i was getting married a few months later) lucky i didn't get pg straight away as i expected i wouldn't! we got married in oct and i found out i was pg day after new years day!! we r not sure if we conceived on our honeymoon or just after!! everything worked out perfect!! we r real excited xxx
  • So sorry for all you ladies who had suffered losses before this pregnancy, again im lucky enuf to have never experienced this, but at least we r all here and pregnant now. Congratulations to those who's babies have been long awaited (and also to those "accidental" ones). Kerry xxx

  • hi, Mine was kind of planned. It happened as soon as I stopped taking the pill. I was thinking how unlucky i was for it to happen like that but when i hear of so many people trying for ages and/or having problems i realise how bloody lucky we are.
  • Hi there, i was on the pill with both ov my girls but we planned this one this time round!!!
  • Ours is a planned shock!

    We have already got 3 between us and uummmed and aaaahed whether to have one between us, finally we decided yes and started trying in September - thinking it might take a while due to me being 38 in October - and we could change our minds but we found out on October 19th that I was pregnant! It was a brilliant shock - obviously down to the fact that my man now thinks he is a super-fertile macho man lol
  • Our baby was very much planned, as we tried for over 2 and a half years....... fell on honeymoon!!!!

    Still can't believe it!

    Sam 18
  • We have been trying for two and a half years! A little surprised after waitting so long lol but knew from about 3 weeks! and were very happy about it! xx
  • Mine was an accident. Well - 'accident' lol. We'd stopped using condoms for a month & after that I was waiting to get my af so I could have the implant instead as I tried 3 pills and hated them all. Needless to say, af didn't arrive! Hehe. I'm now 26+2 and it is the best surprise ever xxx
  • Hi all

    This pregnancy was defo not planned but we were not really using any contraception so we shouldn't have been too shocked lol we just tho if it happens great n it did but we're soo happy and cant wait xx:lol:
  • My hubby calls himself 'Supersperm' lol! Fell 1st time for my 2 boys and 2nd time for little girl! Good luck and enjoy your bumps!
  • lol @ alioli comment!

    I have problems 'down there' so was told likely I couldn't at all and if I did I was likely to miscarry! (touches wood!) and I think to be honest if the child had of come any earlier we wouldn't of been as ready as we are now! so perfect timing even if it was a long wait! xxx
  • Our little boy was the result of too much wine and not enough care - best mistake we ever made though! This time round we'd decided to start trying and see how we went on, 6 weeks later was pregnant!!
    My OH also thinks he has super sperm - bless!!
  • I love the way how the men think its all dwn to them, dnt they think about the effort we have to put in as well, ha ha ha Kerry xxx
  • After 12 years with hubby and too much good wine and holidays, hormones slapped me in the face and told me to get a move on. So came off the pill last Feb, tried for 6 months and finally succeeded after an absolute shagfest of a september holiday! Thinking about doing a Beckham and calling baby Vegas!! xx
  • HUGE Surprise!!! Am in my last year at uni so not exactly the best timing, but once we both got over the initial shock we are so happy and excited and can't wait to meet our lo in June!!!
  • planned here but fell 3 days after implant took out so was a lil surprised hahahaha
  • Long awaited and desperately wanted AND a big surprise, having been told that I would never have children.
    Having lost 7 stone, hubby and I thought that we'd 'give it a go', doctor's do get it wrong sometimes! Within 6 weeks we got a positive result! My doctor was astounded. After years of dreaming of a child I never thought I would have, our little boy is growing nicely and is due to put in an appearance in May.
  • yay for Katy! congrats! docs don't know it all your the livin proof image
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