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5 Week's!! HELP!👣


 is this really true?? could I be 5 week's??? when I had U.Sex may          12 and also may 13th, how does that work??? and how do you calculate exactly how far you are??

  tomorrow I am going for my check up, but would I be able too see the baby or not as much???


  • Pregnancies are dates from the 1st day of your last period not when you had sex / conceived as not everyone knows that. So if you were due for your period last week, know the date of your last period & you have a fairly regular cycle then that calculaor should be pretty accurate... so tI chemically even though you are only a week 'late'.., according to doctors your pregnancy is 5 weeks along.

    If you have a scan at 5 weeks you won't be able to see much... probably just a sac and maybe a fetal pole. You will not see / hear a heartbeat at 5 weeks... that usually can't be seen even  a trans-vaginal scan until around 6 weeks.

  • Your pregnancy will initially be dated from the first day of your last known period so you are usually 4wks+ into term before getting a BFP. You may not see anything on a scan at this stage, it is usually between 6-7wks when you start to see something. Your 'dating scan' at around 12wks into term may see your due date change as they will then go by baby's measurements.

  • I had a scan when i was only a week late as had pains - the consultant saw the sack measuring just 1.2mm long!!!!!! A scan the following week showed the yolk and then the following week I saw the heartbeat when it was at 3.1mm long.

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