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Confused - could i be pregnant after missing pills?

i have a 3 year old, and she was unexpected (gave birth when she was 28 weeks unknowingly) my partner and I have slightly discussed having another child but not immediately. We went away on holiday this month and I missed 2 pills at the end of the pack and then had the 7 day break which I bled reasonably heavily. I also missed 2 other pills the same month and had unprotected sex during the holiday and had red/pink discharge the morning after one of the days I missed the pill. I then had a small amount of brown discharge yesterday afternoon after I delayed starting a new pack for a day (Wanted to change when I started it) and I've been having cramps in my lower abdomen, ranging in severity, over the past 3-4 days (again unprotected sex) I just want to know if it could be possible I'm pregnant? I'm not due for another 2 and a half weeks but I both want it to be true and not? 

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