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Hi I'm sure this has been asked before. I'm expecting baby no. 2 in early March and was wondering what kind of labours people had 2nd time round. My first was relatively quick and easy and now I'm terrified this labour is going to be horrendous and really long.

Also my DD was a week early. What are the chances of baby no.2 being early? I know if I get to 39+2 I'll start going stir crazy and I have visions of being two weeks over and having to be induced. A few mw's and a consultant have said I should expect this baby to be a week early but does it really happen? Do most pregnancy's follow the same sort of pattern?

Any advice and experience would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hiya, I am also expecting baby number 2 so often wonder the same thing!!!
    I just wanted to say that I had a long first labour, 27ish hours, and it was anything but horrendous. It was perfect. and I mean it. I couldn't complain about a single thing! Its nothing to be terrified of, in fact I imagine if you get terrified about having a long birth and then have one it WILL be bad but if you think positively about it then you will feel heaps more relaxed and things are sure to go better for you.
    xxx Hannah xxx
  • hi ladies!im on baby no3!my last 2 labours were fab.dd1 was 4 hrs long and dd2 (8mths ago!) was just under 2 hrs long!hope this one is as good!! xxx

    oh 4got to add i went 5 days overdue with dd1 and was 10 days early with dd2!
  • hi

    my 1st i was 2 days early and the labour was about 8 hours long, my 2nd i was 3 weeks early and my labour lasted 3 hours and was much easier than 1st. I am hoping my 3rd due 1st april will be the same but 3rd's have a history of doing there own thing so i'll just need to wait and see i guess.

    suzi 30 +2
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