advice on stress in pregnancy please?

Got a call at 4 this morning and my mum has been taken into intensive care with pneumonia!! she's on a ventilator and it's critical! Obviously i'm worried sick! :\(
Problem is i'm worried about the baby too, as surely all this pressure isn't good for my pregnancy! I need to try and relax as i can feel myself getting more and more worked up! The more i worry about being worked up..the more worked up i get!

Does anyone have an idea how can relax and calm down....I know this might sound like such a silly question as its an unusual situation but i just cant relax!!!! :\?

Also has anyone been pregnant and had something like this to deal with? I really think it will help me to know if people have coped with stress like this without upsetting their pregnancy!!!!
sorry for the bummer message guys!!!
x x


  • Sorry Lisa I haven't any advice really but just wanted to pass on my best wishes for your mum and hope she makes a speedy recovery. I can't imagine how you must be feeling, you poor thing. Sending you a big, big hug xxxxxxxx
  • I had the stress of my Father going into hospital after he tripped (I was 11 weeks at the time), also it happened at my wedding reception so I had a lot to deal with at a time when i'm supposed to be enjoying my wedding day. He ended up in hospital for a few days and we were told he could of died as he wasn't supposed to have trauma whilst on the medication he was on.

    That was a very stressful time and has had no influence on my pregnancy at all. The best thing to do is take a long warm bath and try to carry on with life as you normally would. Stress isn't good for you at the best of times but when I spoke to my doc she said it should make no difference to my pregnancy.

    I hope this helps xx
  • Thanks SWillo, I feel terrible for being bothered about myself when i should just be thinking of my mum but can't help worrying about the baby! It's really kind of you to leave a message! x
    Thanks caroline, I hope your dads ok now? I felt sick as a dog this morning on the way to the hospital, suppose it was just a mixture of waking up with a shock and worry! I'm glad to hear your pregnancy was unaffected by the stress!
    I'm terrible, I would worry about having nothing to worry about!! think i will take that bath!! x
  • No problem Lisa. I hope the bath helps to relax you a little, sorry I couldn't offer any advice. I really hope your Mum is feeling better very soon so she can concentrate of becoming a Grandma, and you can concentrate on being a mum-to-be and all the excitement that comes with it!! Keep us informed about your Mum. Take care xxxxx
  • Try to remember that the little one you are carrying is a good reason for your mum to be in their fighting! When I was 6 mths pregnant with my 2nd boy, my mum was taken in with a cyst the size of a melon ruptured in her stomach and then was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died 3 yrs ago but she did tell me beforehand that she had to see as much of her new grandchild as possible and it kept her fighting! I hope everyones parents are ok as things like this are horrible to deal with when pregnant.

    LOs are tougher than we believe, i have had some pretty bad shit going on during 2 of my pregnancies and one is now 6 and the other was fine at my 9 wk scan.

    Hope you feel ok, take care and keep us posted, love lee x
  • Thanks you guys. Been at the hospital all day, she's not out of the woods yet but is showing some signs of improvement so thats a positive thing! Not feeling as worried now, i know its still touch and go but got a lot of support around me so am just letting people do things for us like meals and washing, that way i can concentrate on my mum and the LO!
    Really appreciate you all getting back to me, don't know if its the hormones but coming over all emotional! Take care ladies
    x x x x x x x x x
  • Good to hear you, your mum and lo are doing ok.
    Remember you also have a lot of support on here instead of getting stressed!
    Take care, Love Lee x
  • Thanks Lee. It's good to be able to discuss things with people who are removed from the situation too.
    x x
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