seems so surrreal

I know alot of you are alot furthur in front of me, but it was really surreal this morning when my oh said "god our baby is due next month" god i cant believe it has gone so quick! I just hope and pray that my little boy adapts ok. He'll be 6 weeks off being 2 when little one comes. fingers crossed x


  • esp if there are 2 hun!!!! x
  • ya thats true!!! I think i'll need an extra pair of hand if it is twins! my litttle boy is getting good at house work now though, he loves helpin me so i'll just have to train him to change nappies now lol
  • I think once you go past the 20 weeks mark, it really flies by!! It only feels like yesterday that i was taking the test. Saying that it only feel like yesterday that i was telling my family i was expecting my son and hes an energetic 21 month old now. lol x
  • i know what you mean hun. i just want to get past the first trimester stage and feel better in myself after 20 weeks its great i felt great xx
  • oh dont its not fair! I still have sooo long to go! Not due till 28th of august image
    still, I have actually started to really enjoy being pregnant now. Cant believe its so soon for you ladies!
  • I know, I cant believe I could have my baby next month-although part of me thinks Im gunna go over and have him early August.
    Im sure your son will adapt fine hun, he sounds like a little sweetheart. Im so proud of my neice she took so well to my nephew coming. She's 5 now, but she's s proud of him bless xxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

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