im lost and confussed!

i know im gonna sound a bit dumb but here you go...

i dont even know how to make a babys bottle up!!!!!!! :\( how do you make a bottle in the middle of the night if the baby is crying and you have to use boiling water? can you make it in advance put them in the fridge and heat it up as needed? :\?

whats the difference between SMA "gold" and "white" ??

i was walking up and down in boots today looking lost, i thought i would start to buy formula etc to store away as iv only got 12 weeks left but ended up coming out with 2 bags of cotton wool! :lol:




  • Lol! That's what I do, if I panic about what I'm meant to buy I usually buy baby wipes!

    I think someone posted about this before and I'm sure they said they make up a flask of hot water and use this. They pour the hot water from the flask into a jug then stick the ready made bottle into it to warm it up again. Then someone else said they half fill the bottle with water before going to bed then fill up with hot water from the flask in the night and add the powder using one of the mini powder dispensers you can get. So the water in the bottle is then warm. I hope I'm remebering all thsi right. Hubby asked me this on Sunday night, he had visions of a screaming baby and the water taking ages to cool after having just boiled. Thank god we have a detached house and won't wake the neighbours! Lol!

    I don't know the difference between sma gold and white though.

  • ahh, so i can just make up a bottle and use it a couple of hours later???

    bloody hell, what sort of mother am i goin to be!!!!!! LOL


  • Hey Kell I am sure you will be a good mum! I find it all so confusing too. Planning on breast feeding but think its best to have some tins in just in case, but like you don't know where to start! As pottypotter said my sister also gave my her son his bottles at room tempreture and he is now 18 months and fine. My mum also said to do this as saves having to mess about in the night or when you are out.
    Tammi xxx

  • Wen i had Rhys i used to make his bottles up and put them in the fridge and heat them up as i needed them. They do say that it isnt best practice but it never did him any harm, as long as they are sterilised, stored and heated up properly there shouldnt be a problem. Also SMA gold is a formula that is supposed to be similar to breast milk where-as the white is for hungrier babies. I found with Rhys that the gold wasn't satifying him so move up to the white which kept him fuller for longer. Dnt worry about all these things tho, enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy and all the mummy stuff will come naturally wen ur baby arrives. Kerry xxx

  • also used to make them up then put them in the fridge with jack and ashleigh, never hurt them either so that is exactly what I intend to do with this baby too.

    These people that tell you what to do make me laugh. They aren't the ones with howling babies in the middle of the night.
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