I Miss You All!!

hey everyone! i feel kinda sad...everyone is lovely on the baby forum but i miss everyone on here!! i know i keep popping back and replying to some posts but it's not the same...i'm gunna have to get pregnant again me thinks lol!! my oh would probably leave me if i suggested it this early...he's already mentioned 2 years arghhhh! lol hope everyone is ok x



  • yeah, i can steal tallkatie2 away from you all now anyway ha :lol:


  • thats cuz im evil mwahahahaha :evil: lol!


  • it's the most amazing/scary experience ever...if ur constantly worrying during ur pregnancy...it gets sooo much worse when they're here!! i find myself just sitting watching him sometimes and if they make a funny noise u panic lol! so mad but so amazing! x


  • people keep telling me Jensen has grown loads already i'm like noooo lol trying to squeeze him into his newborn clothes still lmao only jokin :lol: x


  • I miss your funny posts to but won't be long till some more of us are meeting you again on the baby side. Is being a mum as scary as you thought it would be? and how is Jensen? i love the pic of him he's soooo cute. xxx


  • lol! SB when Jensen gets in the pram the motion sends him into such a deep sleep that he jerks around and it looks like he's having a fit...the mw laughed at me cuz i get in such a panic every time and there's really nothing wrong with him!

    1stbaby-yippie - it's actually scarier, everything i do i have to stop to check he's ok...i'll be washing the dishes or something and suddenly think 'i wonder if hes ok' and it will have been like 2 seconds since i last checked him and i'll be checking him again, half way through whatever i was doing :lol: he's quite windy and gets hiccups at least 4 times a day and im always worried he hasnt brought all his wind up and he'll be sick...even tho its only happened like 3 times!! my poor washing machine doesnt know whats hit it...im terrible...everything goes in the wash, if we go out i'll wash his coat and blanket from the pram as soon as we get home so its clean for next time lol...so amazing but so scary! x


  • just thought i'd show u the latest pic of my little monkey image

  • he's covered in milk spots, they don't look too bad on that pic but they are all over his cheeks and chin! poor little man!


  • Aww i miss you too, i dont want you all to leave us hehe,
    Im gona just come over and gatecrash your posts on baby forum now lol.
    I love this forum the best! Every1 is amazing!!!

    Sharon x

  • I know what you mean! Everyone on baby forum is lovely but I miss all the preggers!
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