Wow a big bubba bless you. My son is also going through that I'm bored stage and only seems to be happy when his step daddy comes home. He is such a drain on me lol. This one seems such a stubborn moo lol she has given me 3 false alarms and now seems happy where she is, typical!.

I'm now just sick of everyone askin me 'is she not here yet?' I mean its bloody obvious isn't it lol.

I hope ur next scan is better, maybe u can have bubba a little earlier.

How big was ur little girl? Robbie my son was 7 1/2 lb, that was bad enough, but this little one i reckon she is gonna be bigger lol, ouch, 10lb is scary though bless u xx

Where u from anyways?

I decided to think ahead signed my son up for drama school, music school and Caitlin and I will be going to baby massage and fitness where u can take the lo's thats a few weeks sorted lol.

Is ur lo excited bout the new baby, mine is but he's getting impatient said the other day 'mummy just let her out, i bet she is bored with no toys in there, she must be done now' lol

Take care

Tracey 37+5


  • hi hun
    My little girl was 8lb when she was born! And I felt every bloody inch lol. I had to have her tugged out with a ventouse and then forceps because the ventouse fell off lol. I also had to have an episiostomy and then still had a 3rd degree tear and goodness knows how many stitches! So I dont know how I'll manage a bigger one, if its a 10lber I think it'll rip me in half! I take it you know what your having? Have you got a name yet?
    This baby is a nightmare. I went into premature labour at 24 weeks but thank goodness they were able to stop it. Its been behaving itself since but its moving an awful lot more now, which I'm quite relieved about as before it was very quiet but its making up for it now!
    Abby is absolutely horse mad at the moment, give her a couple of toy horses and shes happy for ages! Its a relief because about a month ago she was going through the "I'm bored mummy entertain me" stage and needed attention constantly. Shes on half term this week but has actually been really well behaved, I think she might be having yet another growth spurt because shes sleeping and eating alot!
    I have my 4d scan tomorrow, so excited! Because abby has a heart defect all of my scans so far have been based on little ones heart, to make sure it doesnt have the same condition but I would have quite liked to see the baby aswell as its heart!
    Abby is excited but shes also getting impatient now. I've made her a count down chart and each night she crosses a day off so thats helping her understand how long it is to go. I dont think she quite believed me about the baby until she felt it move a couple of weeks ago, she was fascinated!
    Thats a good plan getting things organised. Does Robbie start big school in september? Abby does and in a way I'm quite pleased because it'll give me alot of time with the baby but in other ways I dont want her to go! I'm just worried about how I'm going to cope with her being off nursery..she breaks up when I'm 34 weeks and doesnt start school until 5 days after my due date! The first week shes off we go on holiday with my in-laws, the second week shes going on holiday with her biological dad but after that I've got nothing planned for her, except getting a paddling pool, some horses and opening the french windows and hoping for the best!
  • well i live in swindon dont think thats too far from you if you ever wanna meet up. My 4d scan was the best experience, my bf was choked, it made it a little more real.

    Robbie is in reception class he's five in july, from 9-3 its normally peaceful but bloody half terms ruin it lol

    do u know if baby is boy or a girl, i had to find out, it drove me mad wondering lol

    Robbie is doctor who mad and made his daddy (step) dress up, he doesn't have any contact with his bio daddy in newcastle, best way he was a loser.

    ouch on abby's delivery, im dreading if that happens loI

    I know im having a little girl, my partner is so excited, a little princess for him to spoil lol, calling her Caitlin Erin Gibson.

    Im looking forward to spending time with Caitlin, Ray my oh is amazing with my little boy, Robbie calls him daddy and honestly you wouldnt know they werent related, its great.

    Robbie and him are going to London to see my partners sister and his mum, im being left to have a rest, well finish an assignment lol xxx

    You will have to post pics of the 4d scan, hope it all goes well xxx

    My facebook is tracey kew ray gibson if you wanna chat there xx
  • I dont actually have facebook! I know so many people do and I really should set one up actually, be so much easier to keep in touch with friends and family.
    My husband isnt Abby's biological dad either. She calls him daddy though and he loves her to bits, treats her as his own and Abby adores him. She does still have contact with her biological dad, he's not a bad dad just a crappy boyfriend! I only let him see her at his mums house though, its not that I dont trust him its just that he's a student living with other students and I dont know them and I dont like the thought of abby being around his mates from uni as I know one of them does drugs. So he has supervised time at his mums house on weekends at the moment, but it'll be changing to every other weekend in a month so she has some weekend time at home with me and Rob (my husband). Its really important to me that she feels part of the family and doesnt feel pushed out. Robs family have been fantastic about it, they treat her like a grand child and she calls his parents nanny and grandad.
    I dont know what I'm having but the tension is killing me! I'm going to tell them that we dont know tomorrow, but if we did find out it wouldnt be the worst thing that happens. we just wouldnt tell anyone.
    Caitlin Erin is a beautiful name, I really like Erin for a first name but I've promised Abby she can choose the middle name and shes dead set on Eve so Erin Eve is a bit too many E's isnt it? I quite like Hayley at the moment, but it changes every week! Rob is choosing the boys name so its either going to be Theo or Charlie.
    When is Robbies birthday?
    I live in a town called Thame which is about 10 miles from oxford so not too far from you at all!
  • I like Theo its cute, Erin is my OH's sisters name who has been so supportive throughout the whole pregnancy. Ray and I have only been together for justover a year, so whirlwind relationship, Robbie met him in October and I swear they are so lovely together. Ray's mum and sister have welcomed Robbie in and he loves it. Robbie's birthday is 31st July just made the school year.

    I worry Robbie might feel pushed out, but my Ray ensures me he will do everything to stop Robbie feeling like that. He seems stuck on sticking close to Ray and Ray loves being his daddy, its so sweet. You never believe you will meet someone that adores your child and that would do anything for you xx
    15days to go
  • I think after seeing the the scan pictures today we've decided on Theo for a boy and possibly Hayley for a girl. It looks like a Theo to me though!
    I really worry about Abby feeling pushed out, but I'm just going to try and do everything I can to make her feel involved, like taking the time to let her help with the baby and making sure Rob and I both have quality time with her, I dont want her to feel replaced. Its so stupid, I actually feel almost guilty for having another one!
    I cant believe how lucky I am to have met rob, he's so amazing with Abby and he'd do anything for her and me. Her biological dad doesnt pay maintenance so Rob pays for absolutely everything for her, he always works overtime and things to make sure she can do and has the things she wants.
    15 Days to go! You must be so excited! Have you started trying to bring the labour on yet?
  • I have tried the usual, sex, pineapple, raspberry tea, and more sex lol
    My OH sister told me to have sex me on top and to grind not bounce lol, the detail she used omg i was in stitches when she told me i mentioned it to OH he just said ok do i need to do anything, honestly i think its funny it might be like an elephant on his slim body lol, if u try it u need to make sure u get him to support ur hips, the poor lad though will try anything now lol.
    Theo is a gorgeous name so is Hayley, those pics were fab deffo worth the money arent they.
    Robbie dad has never paid a penny towards him even when we were together, Rob ur OH sounds lovely too, arent we lucky hey xx
    Gettin some pains today every hour ish, not too painful so im not too worried yet, my boys will be home from london shortly, its so wierd but i missed them so much today, god im a soppy git lol xx
  • lol I know, abby's gone away this weekend with her dad, his mum and sister and her cousins. Their a pretty rich family and own a "weekend home" up in the new forrest so they've gone up there for the weekend and the house feels so quiet and empty without her!
    I'm so pleased I had the 4d scan, I really feel like I've bonded with the baby now. Wish I had found out the sex now though!
    are the pains braxton hicks?
    Bet little Robbie will be shattered when he gets home!
  • Robbie as been sleeping on the train, they will be back in 10 mins, cant wait x the pains are bout every hour, but this little missy is an unpredictable one so im not thinkin labour signs yet. My OH said he will treat me to reflexology session on monday as he heard that helps lol, bless him xxx
    The suprise will be lovely, i was too impatient to wait to find out lol
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