Hospital Bag....

what type of bag is everyone taking ?? seems there is a lot of stuff to fit in. i am wondered whether a changing bag and small holdall is best??


  • I am taking a medium size carry case with wheels so I can pull it along not having to carry a big heavy bag (just in case I have to make my way to hosp by my lonesome!)
    I am having a seperate bag for myself and another for baby and daddy xx
  • I just took good size holdall n I got all in that! I will take same again this time!
    It was like a big Puma gym bag. X
  • The one I'm planning on using is quite big! I usualy use it when I go away for the weekend and fit in both mine and hubbys stuff!! Hope it's not too big!!!x
  • h, with ds i took a small wheely suitcase (handluggage size), got enough in there for 2nights+ and saved having to have lots of little bags all over, i'll be using the same again this time. x
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