Nips nips nips


I have woken up twice now and my nips have been burning!!! They are so painful I don't seem to get it during the day just the night and it's driving me mad. Does anybody know if there is anything I can do to stop them from burning so much?

K xx


  • Ive heard that putting a damp warm flannel on them can help when youre breastfeeding not sure if it would work in the same way now? Maybe some nipple cream might help relieve the pain? My boobs are so sore all the time i cant even go up the stairs too quickly without them getting sore from jiggling around lol!

    Glad to hear your scan went well! Got mine on 16th Jan cant friggin wait just want to know how far gone I am as Im sure im further on!


  • hi k -lou how dod your scan go hun? good i hope anyway i had this and still do especially now i am lactating but savoy cabbage leaves really help i know sounds funny but they are also very good for mastitis after you have had bubs, it does work trust me!!

  • Sorry to hear that! My own experience of burning nipples has been when they get too cold and go pointy - they hate it! :lol: For me, keeping them warm helps a lot.

  • hee hee thanks girls. Scan went very very well thank you saw the baby and heard the heart beat which was the best thing.

    Yeah it seems to be of a night when I am cold so maybe getting them warm will help , will give them all a try thank you

    K xx
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