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Achy legs in early pregnancy??


Has anyone had really bad achy legs in early pregnancy am only 4 weeks, found out today but since Mon have had crampy/achy legs and they are getting on my nerves!!

Anyone know if this is related or anything I should be worried about.

I should mention my mam suffers from varicose veins and i have a small one on my left calf and have got a spider vein that seems to have got bigger but my legs are just achy all the time.

I wont be able to take anything for it either?? will i as you cant take medicine when pregnant?

Should I mention it to the Dr on wednesday


SD & Lil Button 4 +1



  • its perfectly normal hun! i ached for days before and still do now occasionally!!!! lol

    im so glad you finally got your bfp!!! so so so so happy for you!

  • Am in agony lol but so glad to be here!!

    Phew thank god its normal still annoying tho its like a dead leg eh??

    Yesterday I had a achy left leg and a achy right arm and I was like am falling to pieces and then this morning BFP ha at least I know why!!

    Look forward to chatting to you

  • first of all congrats on your BFP!! got everything crossed that its a sticky one for you. when's your EDD?
    i've started getting really achy and crampy legs when i'm in bed, but i'm 19+1 now so that's not really much help! i know it's normal for this to happen though and i've never seen it specified exactly when.
    maybe mention it to your doctor just to put your mind at ease xxx
  • Thanks CC EDD 17th March

    Done a CBD this afternoon and got PREG 1-2.

    My BFP post is further down on pregnancy just incase you want a gander.

    Woo hoo am finally here and am staying put!!!! I hope

  • well we never really stopped chatting did we!!!lol

    if it gets horrendous you can take paracetamol but thats it!! should take the edge off.

  • No lol but you know what i mean ha ha.

    Oh can you take paracetamol? i try not to take pain relief look at me moaning now ha ha - get used to it!!

    Its not too bad just have noticed it when am walking too

  • Hiya - firstly congratulations!!!!

    I suffered with this in the early days, then it eased off, and now it's back again (I'm 37+3).

    I went to breathing / relaxation classes with a physiotherapist (sp?) last week and she told is how to ease crampy legs. Basically she said sit with your feet up and flex your ankles back and forth as far as you can for a good few minutes. Be careful not to just flex you toes though - it has to be your ankles.

    Sounds simple but it really works for me! Apparently the crampls are caused by slower blood flow in pregnancy and doing this excersice speeds up the blood flow.

  • Thanks hun I will try anything!!

  • Hiya, I get achy and crampy legs with a vengeance! I'm 5+4 so early days and the aches have got worse this last week. I suffer already though with my legs and have had numerous scans on them, my last pg I was at a higher risk of thrombosis because of this and the amount of travelling I have to do with work and was under consultant led care. So being pg for me hugely elevates it! The best thing I do is put my feet up above my heart! So if you lie on the couch and put your legs on the back of it it will help. And stay away from the high heels! I wore some last week for my brothers wedding and oh god did I suffer because of it! Hopefully it will get better but seriously the best thing I do that helps is put my feet up xx
  • Thanks for sharing ladies! Was worried but now I know its normal! Will try the ankle excercise next time it comes back lol, mine comes and goes probably cos am sitll very early!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Hello ladies I have never posted before.. (Just troll the internet for answers & prob far to much) .. I have two children 17 and 14.. I had a m/c last year at 6 weeks and another end of March at 11 weeks.. I found out a few days ago that I'm pregnant again & very pleased. BUT Also scared to death.. I'm having lots of aches and pains in my lower tummy, back and legs which i had just before my last m/c.. To be honest this time feels very different than before, no breast tenderness.. Just aches and very tired.. I'm around 5 weeks now and also 40 years old..Any advice please x

  • Hi Ladies

    Wondering if someone can help me out. My periods are 10 days late. Did a hpt on day 9 which was BFN image i'm trying to conceive. I started feeling nauseous 4 days go. I have also become sensitive to smell in the last few days. Vaginal discharge is a bit milky white & my legs started hurting real bad today. I feel tired & i'm peeing a lot more. I think i do feel hungrier that usual at times...oh & i started feeling a bit dizzy today. What are my chances of being pregnant & how long should I wait before doing another hpt?

  • Hello ladies. Hopefully some thoughts on my situation.  I had a normal period on may 17 then had unprotected sex on may 30 and a few other days. On June 11 I got what I thought was my next period but it lasted only 3 days and then a few days later when I would go to the bathroom and wipe I had a very light pink discharge. I am due for my next period on july 7th but I have had several symptoms of pregnancy..... Achy legs, lower abdominal cramping, waking up in the middle of the night because I feel like I am burning up, nausea here and there. No vomiting.boobs don't hurt however if you squeeze the nipple a milky discharge will come out, not much but it's def there. I have not taken a test

  • Hi danielle11 do a test, your dates are the same as mine was very odd to read i did a test on the 10th as everyone kept saying i was preggers and it came back positive, but i then bled for 15 days image had a scan last tuesday and they saw a sac so being bent back for a scan this wednesday, if all ok il be 6 weeks and 5 days by then.

    I to havr no vomiting or boob pain, i feel very tired at times and a bit icky with strong smells. I have the odd pain just above my hip bone but no discharge from nipple....

    Wouldnt hurt doing a first response or clear blue test

  • Hi I'm 5 wks pregnant, had a ms 4 months ago, had pains in my legs like ache pains in thighs in last pregnancy and now again , feeling so sad it's happen again , no bleeding no other warning signs, just a lot of preg signs , feeling a little down today , can't go for scan for another  10 days doc said !

  • Hi ladies i got my period on june 30 and finishe my period on 4 july. Had sex on 13 july and many days after that. Today my legs and feet are aching could that be a sign im pregnant
  • I need answers to this pls, I had something which I don't if its my period 3 days before its due date, lasted for 2days and after which I started spotting for 1day with cramps (which is supposed my period due date)  blood pinkish later turned brown. 2weeks back, I noticed my breasts ached and still aches bit by bit and kind of fuller,,nipples tickles me when my husband touches...I don't want to test yet, can I be pregnant with all these signs. Also legs cramps sumtyms. Thanks. 

  • Hi can I ask what the result of this was? I've had exactly the same thing after having a m/c 5 months ago. Hoping to hear your bubs was okay!

  • I am a mother of 18month old handsome boy and i feel i m pregnant again. i hav tender breast, extremely painful leg cramps, dizzy, tired, constipated n all together.  Uff!!! I did a home pregnancy test which showed a very faint 2nd line.. Am i pregnant o am i overthinking?

  • Wish u all the luck I need the world 👶🏼

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