Help! Double pushchairs!

Desperatly trying to find a double pushchair suitable for Theo and pink bump! Both seats need to recline fully so any suggestions? Dont reeeeally want to spend looooads on one.
Theo will be 11 months plus newborn.


  • I guess the Phil and Teds is no good if you need it to fully recline? Any of these any good?

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  • Not sure whether you prefer a side-by-side or a tandem but how about the Maclaren Techno Twin XT?
  • What about this one my friend has it and raves about it and seen quite a few on ebay so could maybe get at good price.

  • I had to have an inline as all the footpaths round here have bike gates :roll: so we went fot the Phil & Ted's which is great for us but you can't recline both seats right back. If you don't mind a side by side the Maclaren looked really good, the Nipper 360 is supposed to be great ans well, and the FirstWheels twin has the option of a carry cot next to a seat.
  • this is what ive got,it fully reclines too,if your interested in this one i have a 5% discount code

  • hi
    i bought one from mammas and pappas last month it was ??270 reduced to ??150 and both seats recline and its very light comes with 2 foot muffs and rain cover bargin
  • i think the i candy pear is super it is a bit pricey but it is fab you can have a carrycot on one side and a normal seat other side and it looks fantastic i just wish id of needed one i love them x
  • hi we looked at the i candy pear and it is a really nice double but its a bit pricey... the phil and teds is also a really nice double and can b picked up alot cheeper... it all depends wether u want a side by side or a tandam. ive gone 4 the phil and teds as the seat in the i candy pear looked a bit small and like thy wudn't last long if u have a tall child.. i wud look on ebay as thy have a hudge selection.. xxx
  • I am also not sure of what double to go for! My DS will be just 2 when new one arrives so will still need a buggy for long journeys. It would be easier if I could get away with a buggy board but he is so lively he'd just jump off and run off! Also considered a sling for newborn but used one briefly with DS and it was killing my back after just minutes! So not a long term solution! Don't want to spend a fortune as wont use it for too long but also want it to be comfy for newborn. Got a few months to think about it though so we'll see!

    Amy. x
  • I've gone for the mountain buggy double urban. Again quite pricey but managed to get a bargain from ebay. You can have a carry cot with it and both seats fully recline. I wanted side by side but it's personal choice. x
  • Hi i have the iCandy pear, bought it 2nd hand only 2weeks old for less than half the retail price, try ebay if its 1 u fancy x
  • I love the look of the icandy, is it any good Amy?
    Like the one you have fallenangel, do you find it good?
  • i was never gonna like the pram i got as i didnt want a side by side one but i have to say iam very impressed with it,its very light and how to fold it up is amazing,they is a strap that goes across both seats and you just pull the strap and it folds up,how cool is that,also tto recline the seats its on like a string so you can chose on how much you want the seat to recline and it is very spacious,i put my son in it and hes nearly 2 and there is still plenty of room,i also put the twins in it and they look lost :lol:
    they is not many places what sell them,so if you can try and find somewere who sells them so you can have a look,anyway the discount code is


  • I've got the icandy pear and love it. I've been practicing on it anyway as my twins are due in June 09. They are about ??500 in the shops but I know someone who can get them for ??350 brand new if you are interested? If you are email me and i'll give you her details xx

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  • I think we probably are definitley interested! Only thing is wont have the money for a while so will have to wait to order.
    Has anyone looked at the first wheels city twin?
  • my little girl wil be 15months old,when baby is born in 4weeks, iCandy pear was best for us. yea i love it,like you snow angel ive been practising too..!! every1 who's seen it comments on it,and i cant wait to get out pushing my babies!! i really would recommend it xxx
  • fall3n-ang3l
    if u dnt mind me asking how much does this one cost? i am in the same boat as carley barley and was looking towards the icandy pear but like the look of the one u have!!how wide is it? do u have trouble in shops etc?? xx
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