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Has anyone had a water infection in early pregnancy

Hi, I am currently 5+3 and woke up weds night twice with some bad pains down below, Last night I woke up again with really bad pains and also back ache, the pain was awful so I called the hospital spoke to a nurse who told me she thinks I may have a water infection,

I am really worried as I had mc in december and really dont want to loose this one, I am not bleeding which is a god sign. However it is not painful for me to pass urine.

I still have a bachache but the other pain has gone.

Has anyone else had something similar which turned out to be a water infection.

I am waiting for the emergency doctor to call me back.

Thanks ladies


  • hi try not to worry i had several throughout early preg, they are very common, the sooner you get a wee sample put in the better and sent off they can treat you for it then,xx
  • I have had lots of urine/kindey infections since being pregnant. Can be very painful. Don't always hurt when you pee, mine didn't. Hopefully doc can give you some antibiotics. They normally clear up fast.
    If you've had one this early you might suffer a few more (not to scare you just to be honest).
    Drink lots of cranberry juice/water and cut out caffiene. Use mild wash down there (not soap). Ideally no sex till its better.
    Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Hi hun, I had really bad pains and back ache early this week, I've been told it is normal and varies from woman to woman!
  • Thanks for your replies, I an actually hoping it is a water infection as I am so scared incase something is wrong it is reassuring to know that they are painful,

    Clare - sex! My hubby is on a sex ban till I reach 12 weeks - poor man!

    Thanks for your advice, the doctor has called me back and wants to see me at 12, the emergency doctors is based at the hospital which is good as if it is not a water infection hopefully they will give me a scan

  • Hi i have had a water infection twice and they just gave me a course of antibiotics each time, now i have got rid of that infection i have now got thrush which was probably caused by the antibiotics so im having a hell of the time at the moment, but you will be ok hun. xx
  • i've had an underlying infection throughout the whole of my pregnancy 9i have a bladder condition) so i've had to stay on my long term antibiotics the whole way through but had no problems

  • I went to the emergency doctors and he tested my urine but no infection, so a little bit worried as what the pain would be as it was very painful, there is no bleeding at all so that is a good sign, he prodded my belly and tooks some obs and told me not to worry, may phone the early pregnancy unit on monday to see if they can check me over though, thanks everyone
  • sounds like cystits if there isnt an infection. drink lots of water, lay off tea and coffee aswell as fizzy drinks and acid drinks like oragne juice and try cranburry juice
  • Funny I had a feeling it may be that as when I go for a pee sometimes it feels like I still need to go, have bought some cranberry juice so will fill up on that.

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