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dizzy spells ?

Hi Ladies

am 10 weeks today and just had a major dizzy spell, is this normal ???



  • I fainted at 5 weeks and have had dizzy spells ever since. After emergency trip to hospital yesterday due to bleeding, consultant asked if I had felt dizzy and I said yes. He told me to take it easy and make sure I was eating and drinking enough but it was due to babies taking everything from my body and leaving me with very I was reminded today, even if we dont eat (have had atrocious m/s last few days) babies do so may make us feel poorly. Also can be attributed to the amount of hormones in our systems apparantly. If your worried speak to your mw but shouldnt be anything to worry about. If you actually faint then you should contact mw or gp.

    Hope that helps xxx
  • thanks gemmiebaby,

    i was really hungry when I came home from work as been bloated most of the day so probably not eaten as much as I should, after two glasses of squash and my tea I feel alot better.
  • I am dizzy all the time, midwife took my blood pressure and it was low - she said that having to supply blood to the bean can make some people's pressure drop and it is nothing to worry about.

    It is far far better to have low blood pressure than high.

    Just don't make any sudden movements and when gettingout of bed sit up first and let yuor head get straight.

    10 weeks today
  • Glad you felt better after some food and drink. The things pg does to us hey!!! xxx
  • I can't stand up for too long otherwise I get really light headed - think its all to do with blood pressure ...
  • Hi ladies,

    I had started to feel dizzy and faint. Was also feeling breathless and very tired. I went to my GP who did a blood test and my iron levels were very low so have been perscribed iron suppliments. I think it's worth getting checked out if it continues.
  • hi, im new on here! my gp told me my blood pressure is quite low and pregnancy contributes toward this. she said i may start to feel dizzy if i stand for too long so told me to take regular rests throughout the day! oh and she said to go slow, dont rush around! hope this helps!
  • Thanks ladies

    I'm back on the squash and feel fine, i'm taking vitamins with iron in so I think thats ok. As long as I stay hydrated am ok, been working too hard in work which includes getting underneath desks and back up quite alot (computer analysts) and noramlly find I feel abit rougher after days like these. Today I was able to tell the rest of the people I work with so hopefully things should calm down.

    11 weeks today
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