People keep trying to put hubby off!!!!!!

Bit of a rant, but why do people insist on telling my hubby all the negative aspects of being a parent? I'm 34wks, this is my second child but his first. He can't wait for her to arrive, he's so excited & says he won't let people put him off, but I just wish they'd stop putting a downer on it! I suppose it's kind of like women who only ever want to talk about the horrific side of childbirth!!
Yes, it's hard work, but surely we wouldn't keep doing it if it was that bad?!?!


  • people just like to cause trouble as long as your oh is still talking to you about all the good bits i wouldn't worry, my ohs mate has spent my pregnancy telling him all the bad bits and saying things change (well of cause they do) but i think its cause hes got a 6month old an his g/friend is a cow and has him doing everything an selling his stuff so she can buy this that an the other,(not all baby stuff)
    my oh is still more excited than i am an i think thats the main thing,

    hehe sorry i just ranted back, feel better for it though, xxx

  • I wish i could get my hubby interested! this is my second but his first and he doesn't seem to care at all. Never talks about the baby, changes the subject when i talk about him and hasn't bothered to look at the book i bought him about pregnancy and birth. I have told him that he has 4 weeks to get interested and try to understand the last stages or he's fired as my birth partner!!!!!
    Claudia 32+2
  • hi i am in the same situation, i have a 3 yr old daughter who was 9mths old when me and hubbie met and we got married when she was 2. i am now 4 weeks away from having his first child...but he is also very very excited and would never let anyone put him off. the way he sees it is he is already a sort of dad to my first (who he has been around since she was a baby anyway) so i dont think anyone would dare try to put him off, cause he sort of knows what its ike anyway. what age is your first? im sure he must feel love and responsibility towards them in a dad-like way so in a way he already knows how it will be.

    i too have a thing about people who only talk about the bad side of childbirth, yes it is sore obviously, but its worth it, and why try to scare others!!! i just try to avoid other peoples scary birth stories, cause it isnt always bad, and like you say, why do they do again then if its that bad ?!LOL x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • my oh's simlar to yours claudia, i know deep down hes looking forward to being a dad but never really shows much emotion or intrest in anything and it seems my pregnancy is one of them! i left some dads info books for him and they havent been touched.
    im trying to get him to understand abit about the birth and as hes my birth partner and have even printed off sheets on how to change a nappy, make a bottle and bath a baby!
    im going to ask him tonight if any of his work mates have been trying to put him off as i know that they would!
  • Hi Laura, my first is 14 now, she was about 8 when we got together, so my hubby had no experience of her as a baby/small child. Although they get on really well, he's not like a dad to her as she still sees a lot of her real dad. I think he'll be a great dad though, as he's always wanted kids. I've had him practising putting on nappies & using the new baby carrier with a teddy!!!!!!
  • hi fraus, aww that is so sweet with the teddies and the baby carrier! i am sure he will be a great dad too if he is willing to practice lol.

    people trying to put him off, is just like people who try to tell first time mothers how bad it will be, and how much hard work it will be.

    he will hopefully not listen adn when the lo is born you will be a lovely happy family and he will see that its all worth it x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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