from TTC, cramps before BFP??

hello pregnant ladies, your advice would be greatly recieved!!

i was just wondering how many of you experienced AF type pains before you got your BFP, i have had them since 6DPO and still have them now at 9DPO and they have been quite bad at times. i am not due AF till 13DPO.


  • I had af type cramps from around when af would of been due.
  • I kept taking period type cramps too- part of me 'knew' deep down I was pregnant but these pains were convincing me that af was going to come on.
    The waiting game is a right bummer!! It took me almost 2 weeks after af was due to get my bfp.
  • thats a LOOONG wait! i really want to try and hold out til thur when AF is due as i'm soooo tired of seeing negative tests!
  • I had proper AF cramps too from 10DPO til the time my AF was due. It never came because I got my BFP but I was convinced it was going to come because of the pains.

    Good luck xx
  • Yeah, I did.

    I had a really sore back (and indeed, still do, on and off) from around 7 dpo.

    I still have sore back and the odd tummy twinge, but have been assured that this is normal until around week 6/7 as your uterus and pelvis are preparing!

    Good luck hun, keep us posted!


  • i had them, but can't remember what dpo it was. i also continued to have them on and off for a few weeks after bfp too

    good luck
  • I had af type cramps from a few days before af was due up untill the week after my bfp! i didnt test untill af was 2-3days late as i was so sure she was on her way! good luck xxx
  • hi i had af like cramps from about 3dpo had a brown heavy bleed at 7dpo and thought it was weird but my bfp didnt show on tests till af was 17days late i must have had very low levels of hcg in my system good luck hunn i had a really strong feeling i was pg but this is my third lo
  • thanx ladies, will just have to wait ti out still have them at 10DPO and now have tender boobs too x
  • Good luck, I had some cramping from 6dpo and got my BFP 10dpo but I always had a short luteal phase. I hope this is it for you! x
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