leaky painful boobs

:\?Hi im 34+5 and my boobs have gone huge and hard overnight, they are quite painful to touch and now -after ive just had a bath are leaking clear fliud. Im presuming this is normal but im not sure. I had implants about 4 years ago and didnt think i would get milk!!! Am i being thick?


  • No nipples definately attached throughout op-i had salo-silicone which apparantly is much safer. I think (and hope) that its unlikely to be leaking from both nipples but i will call mw and see what she suggests. Thanks
  • i am leaking clear fluid, sometimes milky, i am almost 28wks and no implants. it is my first pregnancy so i can't say if this is normal or not!?? so i'll b watching this post! (as i cant talk to my midwife - i have tried once to say i had heartburn and she told me to ''sshhhhh - i want all good patients today'' so i dont wanna ask her anything else!!)

  • zoey, if i was to complain though... who to? would she find out?
    see its not just that thats happened... i had one lot of bloods taken (@13wks) and im still waiitng for the results (i'm 27 +3!) when i say to her about them she just says ''o they will turn up''

    ive had trace of protein in urine - which i jus happened to see in my notes! i thought theyd at least talk to me about this? or send off to lab!?

    last time i went to see her i had a trainee as well, the midwife went out the room whilst the trainee listened to baby. but she couldnt find heartbeat and just blurted out ''o dear - i hope ther is still a baby!'' well i burst into tears, they then took my BP which funnily enough was high etc etc

    i am absolutely DREADING my next apt -nxt wk- i dont wanna go at all but feel guilty if i dont as its my first and im thick and dont know what to expect with any of this :'( my oh cant come with me (he in army and they wont let him hav time off for apt like that - they barely let him be at the birth!)

    i just dont know what to think - i did just think they were all like this - but since coming on here i know they arent! i literally have had no support - i have a list of questions that i am too scared to ask for fear of 'wasting time', i wanna know about pain relief especially as i am absolutely petrified of giving birth, which could be in 10wks time! surely i should have had some kind of talking to??

    i am so sorry for goin on - im in tears writing this - jus dunno what to do!!
  • thanks zoey - it means alot. i will add you to hotmail, but im jus gonna go for a lie down i think and wait for oh to get in...
    speak soon x
  • Gem, i've just read this and your mw is absolutely terrible, i'm having my first and haven't actually been to see mw yet but when i go i'd want reassurance not someone like that. i'd be taking Zoe's advice and asking to change midwives and making a complaint. Good luck hun, i'm sure it'll all work itself out x x
  • Oh Gem so sorry you have been suffering that incompitentcy (sp) I really wish that you had a little more support and that she would do her job proberly and relise the negitive impact she is having upon you! Would you feel brave enough if you had a friend if possible with you whom could maybe speak up for you? to write down all your questions and let her know that you are aware it is your right to have them answered as that is what she is being paid for! I would speak to your G.P about changing her and putting in a formal complaint in no way should she be making you feel more vunrable and unsupported! I have really found this a good place to vent... and I'm lucky with support! my MSN if you want to add me is [email protected] feel free to come and have a chat! xx take care sweetie! xx
  • thanks for the support ladies - it was nice to know im not goin mad! as bein my first pregnancy - i have no idea what midwives are supposed to be like!
    natalie - i have just moved to a new area (oh in army) so my friends are miles away but he has told me that he is just taking the time off next wk to come with me, and yep he wrote a long list of questions last night!

    i dont understand at all as usually i'd be the first to stick up for myself or say when i'm unhappy at least - but i've let it get to the point that im a nervous wreck when i even thick of goin to see the midwife! quite cross with myself for that.

    anyway... i have added you both (im [email protected]) so hopefully we'll chat soon
  • hey gem (its jem) i think we are due the same day!! thats awfull i have been so lucky to have the same midwife the whole way through apart from last week( she was dutch and i couldnt really understand her ))
    i think its awfull how some midwifes treat their patients i mean have they never been pregnant???? or need help and advice?? this is my first and although im sure she isnt the best im glad its a familla face and she knows thats im on third pregnancy as i have had 2 mc before and is always reasuring to my stupid questions or worrys.

    you need to speak up remember if she is treating you like this then god knows how she treats her other patients.
    its also not fair to put you under lots of stress we still have 10 weeks or so and you should be relaxing and feeling excited not worryed and stressed.
    i hope you are ok x x x
    not to long to go though ;\)
  • GeM

    i've read through ur comments about boobs and mw and just wanted to give u my experience in case it helps...

    Boobs- completely normal i started having clear liquid from about 30weeks up until about 37 when it went creamy!! so ur completely normal .

    Midwife- what an awful idiot! i too an old goat who i swear couldn't careless that i was pg and didn't actually believe me till bub was in arms! i dealt with stupid questions and pig ignorance about being only 20, assuming that babies dad wasn't involved even thou he'd been at a previous appt. The best idea i had was too not attend mw appts. but instead go to the doc, this isn't uncommon and there happy to see u etc. I found also that it was pointless with the mw as i didn't get bloods back nor did i have the same one everytime- i might add that NONE of the mw i ever saw delivered my baby!

    So if ur not happy with her make appointments with ur doc instead and explain what the problem is they can then help u make a complaint with either her mw team or surgery.

    Good luck honey with wat ever u decide.

    ignore implant comment got confused who was who

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  • Loumurph - that is totally normal, and you can still breastfeed with implants if you want to. It's a reduction that can cause problems. I'm 24+4 (no implants) and noticed a tiny bit of clear fluid coming out...I have 2 say it completely grossed me out! God knows why as its normal!

    Gem - I think ur due in April like me, although a bit earlier in april. Actually there are 3 of us on this post from april all having boys I think? lol...Your mw sounds awful, usually they are so overworked it would prob be better to see your GP as they're still trained to do everything. Or ask for another mw. I had one who was bloody hopeless and because I changed dr's at 16 weeks preg she said I would need a new 20 week scan appt...even tho my GP had said it was fine keeping the old one cos it was more convenient for me & oh. Anyway she said no you have to have one at the local hospital so I agreed. THEN the cow called me to say actually we can't fit u in so can you have the scan at the other hospital? Arrrrgh she was a real cow! I wrote a post ranting about it! Yours sounds worse though.

    I'm 19 and have had stupid questions as well. My mw was filling in the forms for my bloods and anti-D at 28 weeks and in the previous pregnancies, she said oh you had an abortion didn't you? I was like, erm, no! My file was right there...where did she get that from?

    Sorry I'm ranting! xxx

  • yep - i'm due april 7th & having a boy! hoping he'll be early though as oh not allowed paternity leave until his course is finished (& the lo is 18months old! ha)

    well girls thank you for all the advice... im feeling much happier about goin to see midwife - whichever one out of the 6 it'll be... ooo maybe a new one still! but im putting on my brave face and not leaving till my questions are answered cos im sick of feeling the way i do. oh is coming with me so if she makes me cry again at least he'll be able to ask the questions! ha!

    lilacjlh - id be glad if none of the midwifes ive seen so far deliver my baby! not exactly bonded with them. i think i will be putting in a complaint as i wouldnt want anyone else to go through all this - especially for 1st pregnancy. id feel more comfortable with a midwife as i can't understand my male DR!

    tiger lily - whats the anti-D you had at 28wks? should i have had this too?

    jem - i know... not long to go at all eh?! am excited but nervous too. how ru feeling? are you all sorted?

    well ladies - enjoy the rest of your wknd. & if you fancy a chat, add me to msn so we can all whinge together xx
  • Gem - I can't believe you haven't been informed of all this by ur mw!

    Basically anti-D is an injection you will get in week 28 if you have a negative blood type. It's to stop the baby's blood mixing with yours and prevent problems in future pregnancies! It's more common to have positive blood, but not that rare to be neg (10% of population I think.) IF you'd have got your bloods back then your mw would know your blood group (if u dont know it) and tell u if you needed it or not.

    I can't believe how hopeless she sounds! x
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