Rant about commuting!!!

Anyone else having to commute everyday and finding it EXTREMELY stressful!!! Its bad enough when you are not pregnant but having to squeeze yourself onto packed and i mean like cattle are packed, tubes and trains, getting knocked in the bump by stupid men with stupid men's briefcases and no men ever offering their seat (i've found only women have done this for me) Just puts me in a terrible mood in the mornings!!:x People are so inconsiderate, i'm really surprised by the whole thing!!! Sorry, had to have a rant - feel much better now :\)


  • I was lucky in that i was driving to work, but had a bloomin annoying drive.. i dont miss it at all! I had to drive from SE to SW london and it would take me 1hr to go 12 miles.. rarely getting higher than 2nd gear. Pre preg i could handle it but during the sickness phase (which i had till week20!) it was a nightmare! I managed to spew all over myself one time.. i didnt have a change of clothes so had to spend the day decorated in it (much to the amusment of my teenage pupils!) lol
  • Yes! It's driving me insane!! I work in London and I hate the commute... I was ok before I got pregnant too - could put up with the pushing and overcrowding on the trains and buses, but this pregnancy seems to have turned me into some sort of crazy woman!! I feel like yelling at everyone to get out of my way...or smacking whoever dares to come too close to my bump! (I'm not usually like this at all, honestly!)

    I was on the bus about a week ago and standing up, started feeling really light headed and thought I was going to faint. I was clinging onto one of the upright bars with my eyes closed, trying to get the feeling to go away but I came so close to completely blacking out that I had to crouch down on the floor and stay there until it was time to get off - I was 22 weeks at the time, so obviously pregnant, but nobody even bothered to ask if I was ok! Probably thought I was drunk or something!

    Sorry - didn't mean to rant quite so much in your thread! How much longer have you got at work? Hope you find some more considerate people willing to give up seats for you!

  • I found this too. i caught train every day and felt faint on it most mornings. One morning i did faint just as the train was pulling into station and some bloody idiots just stepped over me to get off and go to work!!!!! Men and women!!:evil:
  • stepped over you?? i had to read that twice!!!!!!omg thats awful. you could have been really ill. i am speachless.
  • Oh dear...i feel for all of you image I can't believe that people would just step over someone who fainted!!
    I'll never moan again about my short walk to work!!
  • That's horredous hunnibunni!!! I am totally shocked by some peoples attitude.
    You rant away Pricey, i know exactly what you mean, especially as you were clearly pregnant, what does it take for someone to let you sit down?? I am like you and usually quite calm about stuff like this but turn into some crazy women if someone dares to come near my bump!! Must be all that maternal protectivness coming out!! I've got ages left of commuting, i wish maternity leave started from the minute you got pregnant til they were two so we didn't have to deal with it!! Bless OH though, he said that in a few weeks he will pay for me to drive in so i don't have the tube drama as he doesn't want me stressed and knocked about. Hope things get a bit less stressful for us all x
  • I had the same traveling problems, one time i was talking with some people at work about it and one of the guys said"how will i know that woman is pregnant or fat?"that so obvious!
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