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Just wanted to say hello as I'm new to the pregnancy pages, got my BFP on Christmas eve and have been over on ttc pages for past few months.
I've made a doctors appointment for next week to get everything confirmed and I wondered if anyone could tell me what to expect (I've never been pregnant before and am completely clueless!). What will doctor be asking and will they do another test or just take your word for it that you're pregnant? Will they take my blood pressure?
These all might seem like stupid questions but I really don't know what to expect.
Thanks for any help you can give,
Leanne xxx


  • Hello
    All Drs are different but in my experience they'll quite literally say congratulations and book you in to see the midwife. And that's about it! They normally won't test again as home tests are so reliable (although I did take a sample and they did send it off for a test for me!).
    I didn't have blood pressure taken or anything, Midwives will do this for you.
    Just wanted to help with your expectations as sometimes it's a let down because you're going to the docs all excited with your news and sometimes they barely raise an eyebrow. Hopefully you will have a lovely doc like the one I saw who did a little jig round her room with me!!
  • I called my doctors ahead of time to ask what their policy was & I didn't even have an appointment. I told the receptionist I had done a home test which was BFP and she said to bring a urine sample in cos they test as standard anyway and I bought 1 in and that was it, the mw called me about 4 wks later and I had my booking-in appointment at 10 wks
    Congratulations by the way! x x x
  • Thanks girls, that's really helpful. I was worrying I might be asked for a urine sample while I'm there and think I would just 'dry up' which kept happening everytime I tried to do a preg test at home, lol.
    Fingers crossed it's a nice doc like yours Trackieann.
  • Thanks girls, that's really helpful. I was worrying I might be asked for a urine sample while I'm there and think I would just 'dry up'
    That happened to me at my 16 week appointment! I hadn't bought a sample and my bp was going a bit high which it isn't usually so she rly needed a sample to test for protein for pre-eclampsia and I just couldnt do a wee, it was so embarrassing!!!
  • Oh dear!!! I'm not gonna laugh though cos I bet it happens to me somewhere along the way, it was so frustrating when I wanted to test - got all psyched up and then nothing, had to go down a pint of water before I could do anything - note to self - take bottles of water to any future appointments!
  • i can never 'pee on demand' so whenever i think i might have to give a urine sample i usually go in and get a sample bottle from the docs beforehand and do my sample in the morning before i go to the docs!

    lea - congrats on your bfp! the doc might ask a few medical history questions. make sure you ask about getting form for free prescriptions/dental treatment and ask who you should call if you have any problems before your booking-in appointment (and get a number). i've had different experiences with different gp's and they can forget to give you the fairly basic but important information! also, ask when you will be likely to hear about your booking in appointment.
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