i'm getting ahead of myself as we've just started ttc but thought this forum might give me more answers!
my sister in law doesn't know we're trying but has said that when or if we did have a baby she would like to pay for hypnobirthing classes for me as a gift! she went and swears by it! she has 2 lo's and never needed stiches with either, doctors where impressed at this and lack of pain med she took!

any opinions??


  • Hi Hun - good luck with ttc - when the time comes I would definitely recommend it - I would've jumped at the chance if someone would've paid for me. I've got some cd's which aren't as good as the classes but the difference so far has been amazing - I'm actually sleeping again (haven't slept properly for months now) and I have no fear about the birth - I'm really looking forward to it, i'll let you know if it actually helped afterwards but I would snap her hand off if I was you - best of luck again, xxx

    (PS hynobirthing is basically using self hypnosis to reach a state of relaxation so that you are calm and need less pain relief and have a more positive birth experience).
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