sorry if tmi!!!

right been updating birth plan notes,, and like on a diffrent thread i said that i have only made notes on pain relife,, and that i dont want to be told if i tear or need to be cut as it will only worry me,,


after the baby is out,,
how long is it before the placenta comes out?? i know some people have an injection to speed it up and does it hurt?? i have been told that this hurts more than the baby coming out as you still get contractions to froce it out
any info or advice if to have the injection would be great
thanks and sorry if tmi!!!


  • I read that the placenta comes out about 5 minutes to an hour after the baby is born, however if u have the injection it is more like the 5 minutes. There was a thread on this a while ago and most women had said they chose the injection. I have also heard that delivering the placenta doesn't hurt as ur too tired to care lol. I'll definitely go for the injection. xxx
  • i had to have gas and air when it came out. it did hurt me as the contractions are powerful. the midwives pulled on the cord so i didnt have to push so hard, but i didn't like doing it. it was like giving birth to lo's twin. sorry if tmi, but this was my experience, might not be the same for you!
    Karys, 23 weeks.
  • hiya my stepmum read your post and said that after she had all her five kids she didnt feel any pain delivering the placenta.
    she said her first two that the midwife just pushed down on her stomach and asked her to cough and that it didnt hurt but that because of the painfulness of her thirds contractions she had the injection and it hurt like hell. Her other two were complicated births andshe didnt want me to tell them cause she thinks people tell too many scary storys that only happen one in a shame she had to tell me. ewwww lol
  • lol see thats what i thought !! i didnt realise that they pulled n cord but i thought you got contractions,, did you have the injection cos that sounds quick!
  • hi dont worry about the placenta coming out. its absolutely nothing compared to the baby. i had the injection (in my thigh) and the midwife pressed the top of my stomach and pulled the cord a bit and told me to push (hardly any effort needed) and it just came out. it was absolutley no big deal, and you are holding your new baby at the time and are so distracted that you wont be concerned.

    the injection was just like any other, and hardly noticed.

    i think you can choose to not have it, i dont know what happens if you dont have it, maybe it takes longer to be delivered?

    in any case i dont remember having contractions after baby was born, or if i did they werent i think maybe a combination of the mwife pressing my stomach and pulling the cord helped deliver the placenta.

    hope that helps.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • hi with my last two births i did not feel the placentea being deliverd did not hert may be was to tired or to busy seeing by babys but i would not worry about it
  • years ago when it was common for women to die during childbirth it wasnt from actually delivering the baby, but from the delivery of the placenta. in some instances if it isn't expelled from the body quick enough it can cause blood loss (not too sure what actually happens) and so you are advised to have the injection. with my LO i was drugged up on diamorphine so didnt even notice the injection and it was only a few minutes after baby was born that midwife squidged my tummy a bit, asked me to cough and out it came, i didnt feel a thing, no contractions or pain. after giving birth to the baby, that part really wasnt bad at all! she also showed me my placenta! id not asked to be shown it was mad, she just pulled it up and got my attention and showed me it! lol, yacky! xx
  • lol as long as everything is ok i think ill have the injection as i would like to be in home enviroment as soon as i can and ill be dying to get all clean and tidy again!!!
  • God i cant remember delivering the placenta, i know i had the injection but the rest is just a blur, it was 2 years ago mind, it cant of hurt or i might have recalled it, think i remember midwfie pushing about on my belly. I was off my head on pethadine at the time so maybe thats why.
  • Im scared of placenta delivering now its sumat iv never thought about, and this is my second baby. My first was delivered by emergency section so obviously they took the placenta out wen they took the baby out. think i will have the injection tho if i have a natural birth this time want it over and done with asap. Kerry xxx

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