I miss food!

Who here is really missing any particular foods? I am SUCH a foodie and I there is so much I can't eat it is sooo depressing! Next wednesday I am going to a special dinner for my Dad, getting all dressed up etc.... here is the menu:

???? Trio of Scottish Salmon with gravad lax, smoked salmon and seared salmon sashimi

???? Herb and mustard roasted striploin of Beef with glazed carrots, French beans and Fondant potato, served with shallots and red wine sauce

???? Italian Chocolate fondant served with sauce Anglaise

The starter has raw fish in and the dessert has raw eggs in. And the beef will have to be well done (and I love my red meat rare or medium usually)

Maybe I should just stay at home and eat a cheese and tomato pizza (as long as its pasturized cheese of course!) It seems to be all I'm good for!!! :\( How depressing.


  • Me Too!!!! i miss medium rare steak, pate, brie, peanut butter, ohh and malibu.

    Told my oh t'other day when lo comes i want pate on toast and a large malibu and coke. If he forgets, i'll kill him!:lol:


  • Yes we are going to go out and I am going to have,

    Smoked salmon, followed by a bloody steak, finishing up with a large chunk of stilton, washed down with a bottle of red wine!
  • I miss stilton and peanut butter. Marks and spencer do a gorgeous christmas stilton in a pot. When I had my daughter (23/12/06) my mum brought me in a massive pot along with a bottle of baileys mmm

    Hopefully this one will arrive this side of xmas (due 27/12) so I can eat some!

  • Mmmmmm... brie and stilton with caramelised red onion relish on fresh warm bread... washed down with a bottle of red wine... mmmmmmmm...

    Runny eggs and soldiers.... mmmmmmmmm...

    Red wine... and mulled wine season is nearly upon us!

    Oh well... the sore boobs, mood swings, crying for no reason, morning sickness and exhaustion all make up for it because they all remind me I'm growing a baby in my tummy!!!!
  • When pregnant you can eat smoked salmon. My midwife told me that when I had my booking with DD 2 years ago. On the steak front if its beef from a good source you will probably be fine to go to medium rare. Same with the eggs, the eggs have to actually have to have salmonella in order for you to get sick from them!

    I haven't eaten eggy things as I haven't been able to face them in either pregnancy.

  • I' m REALLY missing stilton and red wine. I went out the other evening and nearly jumped over two tables to nick their wine lol xx
  • my mw told me it was perfectly safe to eat peanut butter as long as me or oh or any of the kids didnt have a severe nut allergy, i eat it by the boat load!!
  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to say how odd, I'm Niblet with one T!! x
  • How funny! I called myself Niblett (with 2 t's) because it is ny OH's pet name for me! (blushing now..... :rollimage

    I'm still dreaming about a nice chunk of stilton though.....
  • Oh, that's sweet! :\) I call myself Niblet as it's a nickname I developed at school- my Mum put me in a disgusting green coat, and because I was tall I got call the Jolly Green Giant, and Jolly Green Giant manufactures Niblet sweetcorn- hence the nickname! V odd I know, and a tad less romantic than yours! imageops: :lol:

    I'd love to be able to eat a prawn cocktail- mind you I said this in my last pregnancy, then when I'd had my son and could eat it I didn't bother- must just be the forbidden that appeals! xx
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