half price!!!

imagein tesco at mo they have
tommee tippee steam sterlizer for ??20!! normaly ??40!!
plus tommee tippee manual breast pump for ??12.50 instead of ??25.00 !!
just thought id let you know its really good saving and i think they have sale on clothes to !!

happy shopping x x


  • we bought the steam steriliser and breast pump too plus they have the bottles half price ??5 for 3. I know in the mothercare book they are about ??3.50 each so its a really good bargain!
    Tammi xxx
  • Be careful with the bottles i tried these with my last child and the mothercare ones the numbers wear off the more u sterilise them and my daughter got really bad colic from them just thought id warn u all Really good bottles are the colour co-ordinated pink or blue MAM bottles they r brilliant for not causing as much wind Sophie 34+2 xx


  • I went to tesco last night and got loads of clothes for ??30. Great bargin.
  • I miss Tesco's and George stuff......................they don't have them in Holland image
  • Morrisons has the Avent microwave steriliser half price ??12.99 x x
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