Emmerdale Warning

To anyone who watches it but might not have heard...

Ashley and Laurels baby dies in tomorrow nights episode so if you are like me and unable to even think about watching it you might want to avoid it.
Although I am sure they will deal with it very well and will probably teach us a few things about SIDs I think I am way too sensitive at the moment and would end up worrying myself silly.

Hope people don't mind me posting this... I just wanted to let everyone know.


  • Hi! It's horrible isn't it? i can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your baby that way. just makes me want to cry thinking about it. Think I'll give that episode a miss! XXX
  • Hi im the same and am not going to watch it as i would worry myself silly to, and it would prob really upset me watching it.
    vikki xx
  • I'm definitely not going to watch it, as much as I think it's a very important thing to be highlighted I don't think I could bear to watch it.
    Lauren (34+1) xoxox
  • hi everyone, i dont watch emmerdale much but if its on ill watch, and cause i knew of that i made sure to avoid it, then this morning i switched on gmtv and it had a clip of it!! so i didnt avoid it completely.

    it is a terrible thing, we have all these worries during pregnancy and you think all the worry is over once the baby is here safely, but its not.

    my wee girl is 3 now and i still go in and check if shes breathing when shes sleeping!(maybe a bit obsessive!)

    i cant imagine how it must feel for parents who have gone thru that, its the worst thing ever x


  • there was a girl on my msn who had lost her baby through this terrile ordeal, although havent seen her on her but she said she got my msn from here, so maybe her name just changed or something. anyway, god thanks for telling me, i didnt know it was happening tonight and im always watching emmerdale. did catch that clip on this morning and it was so upsetting. the clip was only two minutes if even thats and i sat for about ten minutes thinking 'oh god what if?' but luckily my step mum had me out walking and i forgot all about it. so i have to say this will be the first in five years i will no be watching emmerdale.
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