I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been suffering frim blinding headaches. I am told they are nothing to worry about and down to my hormones. Anybody have any magic cures, I am really unable to function normally.


  • Hiya

    I had really bad headaches when i was around 10 weeks and i couldnt concentrate on anything else due to the pain. The one thing i found worked was Migraine strips - sort of like a gel pad that you put across your forehead. I wasnt too keen on taking paracetamol (even though they are supposed to be safe) and these were really good. On a more positive note for you the headaches eased off by about 12/14 weeks. Im now 37+1 and havent had one for ages

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  • I suffered really bad headaches, had sickness from 6-16 weeks then headaches took over, i went to the doctors as i was really worried and they are down to the huge increase of blood and fluid and dr recommended that i rested as soon as i felt one coming on she also said that paracetamol was perfectly safe which i have taken on a number of occassions however i never took more than 2 in a day and normally that did the trick.

    i've got my fingers crossed they ease off for you, mine did at around 22 weeks and i'm now 26.

    x x

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  • Thanks ladies, I called pregnancy triage yesterday and they said paracetemol are fine, although they don't seem to make much difference. I think the migraine strips will be a good idea as I had a cold compress for hours last night and it seems to have shifted. Not gone away completely unfortunately but definitely feeling more human. Have also taken a very rare day off work which has stopped me worrying about it and may also be a more frequent occurrence now. Thanks for the help and I really hope they ease off earlier rather than later. x
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