spd support belt?

well turns out i have spd like i thought, midwife confirmed this on tues image and she said nothing really helps but to take paracemol if needed or to get something stronger from the doctor, to take things easy and to also wear a support belt, so was just wondering wether you would recommend one? and if so then where do i buy one from?

Hannah 25+4 xx



  • sorry to hear you've got it image

    i got my support belt from my phsyio who did the diagnosis. she measured me up properly for it but i cant wear it as its too uncomfortable cause baby is lying too low at the mo.

    are you being reffered to physio?

  • oops double post!

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  • Hi, have you considered consulting an osteopath? I don't have SPD, but about 3 weeks ago my left hip went and I've been housebound unless someone gives me a lift somewhere as it's really hard to walk and I can't drive. Dr referred me to a physio but they didn't help at all, apart from giving me crutches which were v useful. A friend recommended an osteopath, who was much more help. I've had 3 sessions, and I can put much more weight on my hip now. She said my pelvis was tilted (may have been from my last tricky labour), which meant my left hip muscles were contracting and pressing on the sciatic nerve. My pelvis was straightened at the first appointment which released a lot of pressure, and it's been getting better since then. I now feel I have a normal chance of managing to get my baby out, and although this is my second pregnancy he's fully engaged already. Unfortunately you'd need to pay for osteopathy (I paid ??46 for the initial consultation, then ??39 per follow-up appointment), but for me it's definitely been money well spent xx

  • hi, i got a support belt from mothercare but found it useless- think i wore it once and paid ??22 for it. xxx
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