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How early is a heartbeat picked up with an internal scan?

Im going for one 2moro as i've had bleeding and nothing was on the screen when i went to a&e. According to my last period im 7+3 but i reckon i was less than that. Anyway the nurse said it may be too early to see anything or it could be m/c. Im hoping that it's just too early although not feeling hopefull but just wondered how early bubs can be seen on internal scan? thanks. xx


  • I had an internal scan at 7 weeks and I saw the heartbeat.
  • Hi, ive had 3 internal scans and i saw the sac at 5 weeks (couldnt see foetus though. I saw foetus at 6/7 weeks. It is different with everyone though so dont take that as written! If you are 7 + 3 you should hopefully see it. Heartbeat should be picked up at 6 weeks but again everyone different, i know someone that didnt have heartbeat picked up till 9 weeks. Hope that helpsxxx
  • I had an abdominal scan at 6+5 and saw the hb. They can see more with the internal scans so you might just see it image BEST OF LUCK, I'm crossing my fingers that this little one sticks xxxxx
  • I have never had one but I had to let you know I will be thinking about you tomorrow and I hope all goes well.
    Good luck,
    Love Lee
  • Good luck for your scan today honey xxxx
  • I am having one tomorrow also. I had one last week but am only 5+5 days so hoping to see a heartbeat also tomorrow. They could only see sac last week so really hoping ffor a heartbeat. Bit panicky now..........

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