days togo until my babys birth.i kno this is my 2nd preg he is'nt enaged yet well he was'nt wen i saw the mw 3weeks ago ive got another appointment tomorrow with the mw if the baby still is'nt engaging do u think ill go past my due date.

abbie,hope+bluebump 36wk+4


  • I've heard that many 2nd time babies don't engage until labour kicks off so don't fret too much about it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a timely arrival x
  • maybe and maybe not it a tough one. They say with second pregnancys that the baby don't engage till very late in pregnancy and sometimes not until the woman is in labour so you could be the latter!


  • oh ok thankyou with my 1st she did'nt engage until i went into labour i had to be induced dnt really want the same to happen again x
  • I'm 4 days behind you!!! but with my 1st image saw mw week b4 last n lo head hadn't engaged, got appt on thursday so he might've begun to shuffle down!!!
    is there any sign as to whether or not they've moved down? coz i've been gettin really bad indigestion this past week & his movements are quite a bit further down that usual.


  • Hi ive only got 35 days now with my second ive never heard of 2nd baba's not engaging till late learn something new every day lol my little girl isnt engaged either but then again my first didnt drop until i was on the theatre table at 10cm's when my waters went so anything could happen this time good luck everyone i cant wait now and im sure your all feeling the same Sophie 34+6 xx


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