Free changing bag!

Hi all just in case you didnt know if you sign upto Boot's parenting club, they send you a book of vouchers, one of which is a free changing bag worth ??30, you do have to buy a pack of pampers newborn nappiesor activefit nappies. I got mine 2day but in my opinion its not worth 30 quid but it is free and it'll do for the house as lm also getting 1 with my pram image xxx


  • Ooh I love freebies! Thanx laurac. Is it a limited time offer, as I am only 4 weeks and dont want to 'jinx' things by buying stuff too soon xx
  • thanks ,ive sent for mine x

  • thx, just sent for one! will be handy to hav a spare one x
  • i got it and its ok for free!!!
  • I'm part of the parenting club but i've been told i have to wait for my permanent card to be sent through. got a changing bag with pram though but as laurac said it's always handy to have another one;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • If you didn't get your voucher send them an e-mail. I got mine but didn't claim it in time, sent them an e-mail and they sent another in the post with the week.
    Tammi xxx
    29.5 weeks
  • thanks tammi for that. I was looking through my vouchers the other day and cant find the changing bag one.

    powerpuff, no its not a limited offer. Although i think i remember seeing the expiry date was something like july 2008, i used to work for boots and they did the same offer last year, except it was huggies and you got a free huggies changing bag. In addition to the vouchers, you also get double/triple (cant remember which) every time you buy huggies nappies after presenting voucher for the first time. they are pretty good with deals and points. Every extra points helps when you have a baby, especially when you spend your points as it feels like you get it free! xxx
  • Hi there the voucher is attached to the introductory letter they send you with the vouchers, there is a expiry date on the voucher tho, you can always apply in a few mths time powderpuff if you dont feel comfortable just now image xx
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