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When do you start to show?

Just curious to know at what stage do you start to show.
Of course I have read the books but thought there is nothing better than asking direct.
Im only 9 weeks but convinced my tummy is bigger.


  • hey, everyone is completely different! my friend didn't show till 20 weeks but i know other people who show quite early, In early pregnancy lots of women suffer bloating etc which can cause the bigger tummy.

    I'm 11.5 weeks and convinced i'm starting to get a baby bump (sadly tummy wasn't as flat as it should be though so its hard to tell!).
  • but ladies isint it just lovely to be big and not to have to make ANY excuses for it! xxx
  • i started to show from about 15 weeks i think as i was too skinny not to see my bump, now ive put on becki weight and baby weight which i love, not goin too small again!!!! i love bein curvy!


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  • I started to show around 15 weeks. I didn't look ANY bigger until then & I was starting to worry! But overnight I got my bump - it just popped up, one day it wasn't there and the next it does that happen???

    It's enormous now, and jus goin to keep gettin bigger lol. I'm 19+1 x x x
  • Not sure - ive always had a bit of a pot belly (!) but it started to feel hard at around 10 weeks (and a colleague kept telling me i was showing when i was in the early stages and she wouldnt have it ive always had a bit of a belly).

    I think in my mind it was around 15 or 16 weeks. Now people who dont know me that well can tell ive got a definate bump.
  • hi im 7+4 and bloated as hell got the shape of a tummy tho but it not quite there but cant wait for it to show i will be soo proud of it

  • i started showin properly at bout 3-4months im still not v.big n im 20+5
  • I started to develop a "bump" straight away, which i just put down to bloating, but now at 10weeks I have a nice tidy bump that is quite large for my dates. My friend reccons I'm further gon than I think but scan will reveal this nxt wk, she says my bump looks nothing like bloating but a definate baby bump. Hope im not further along tho coz that will clash with my graduation at uni, im already pushing it been due on the 30th june. Kerry xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi,
    I am now 24 weeks and I don't think I am looking pregnant. I am still in my normal clothes, although a little tighter around the middle, but baggy on the legs. I have not put any weight on. The only part of me that seems to have grown is my boobs. I was a 40 d/dd to start and I am now measuring a 40 H. I hate to think what I will be at the end. cannot wait to get back into underwired bras.
    I would not worry about not showing just yet. Make the most of it, lol
    Mary xx
  • hi i started to show at 8 weeks but this was bloating im 16+4 now and i can still wear my normal clothes but wear jeans etc under bump and my tops are a bit tight but my boobs have got massive!!!!
  • Hi am 12+2 with second baby and in maternity wear as expanded out of both my size 10 and then size 12 trousers in tummy department (although no other weight gain so far - hoorah!!!). Think with first baby didn't show properly till about 18-20 weeks, maybe longer. Everyone been telling me that I must be further along than I thought as have obvious bump now but had scan yesterday that revealed that I am 12 weeks and no more. Lord knows how big I'm going to get then - am hoping my bump will even out and stop getting bigger for a while!!!!
  • hi i felt i started to show strait away! i cant have but i felt like it! i had (note the word HAD) a flat tummy and was (WAS) a size 8 so i noticed pretty soon! not so sure i would next time! xx
  • hello i have just signed up today. i am only 6 weeks and started to bloat before i even found out. some people (strangers);\) are asking if im 5 months!!! i have to suck it in when the family come over til after we have had the scan. with my first one i was so skinny i showed at 8 weeks. which was hard to hide til i had the scan.
  • I am only 8 weeks and already have a noticeable little bump on my tum. I have always been blessed with a very flat tummy so I guess its very noticable to me (never again I guess!!!). Put some clothes on though and it def disappears - although one pair of jeans is already too tight. (mainly bloating probs there me thinks!) I am taking a pic of my tum every week so I can look back and see the difference! xx
  • Well my body decided to show immediately! Though mind you as soon as I found out I started stuffing my face! Not really wise! xx

  • ive been showing since about week 8, by week 12 i looked huge and now at 20weeks my belly button is close to popping out! everyones different image x
  • Im only 8 weeks and although can still fit into my size 8 jeans - the feeling of pressure on my abdomen is uncomfortable.  I'm drinking lots of water and was previously very fit and sporty but have bloaed already..... not sure why??

  • Hello I'm 16 weeks and 3 days, my belly's still like jelly but I have a tiny little bump, when I lie down sometimes I can actually feel where the baby is. But I'm just wondering when will my belly start to get hard? I'd love to have a really big bump and it feels like I'm not going to get one aha... Can anyone help?

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