hiya bit worried

Hi im 26+2 today with my 3rd baby and since a week sunday i have had pretty bad abdo cramps and lower backache I saw my gp last friday and she started me on some antibiotics as she thought i might have a water infection.The pains eased off for a couple of days but or the last 2 days they have come back really strong again.
I cant get comfy at all. I have been having A LOT of braxton hicks which are quite painful at times. I was at work today and i dipped my urine which showed no signs of an infection but ++ protien so checked my bp which was fine. I actually had what felt like 2 contractions 5 minutes apart this afternoon but nothing since just a constant stabby pain in my pelvc area and this awful backache.

Would you be worried or just put it down to pg niggles??

Any advise would be appreciated xxx


  • If you are having stabbing pains low down, pain int he front, back or sides of your pelivic bone it could be pgp (pelvic girdle pain) which you mw would need to refer you to a physio for.

    I have this which cause pain in the back and front of my pelvic bone, stabbing pains in the front, clicking og the front joint and makes most things very uncomforable as movement can irritate it and cause swelling. I saw a physio who has given me exercises and regular check ups to make sure its improving. Which thankfully it is.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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