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Confused -tubes tied but feeling different.

hi everyone....

ok here's my dilemma ....I had 5 children with my ex husband...tied my tubes 8.5 years ago....divorced and had my heartbroken when he had more kids..moving forward....seriously dating a new guy....never late or had a missed period...early period last month and now I'm 3 days late...bloated to the max...nauseous....with no signs of  period in site....could it be...a miracle??? Or am I getting too excited and jumping to conclusions?? Has this thing happened...or almost happened as being a false alarm to anyone else  


  • Hi im going threw something very similar but i only had my tubes done last year December,  i have taken a pregnancy test but im getting very faint positives waiting on appointment  next week with doc 

  • so youre getting positive tests? I took one on my first day late from dollar store and it was negative. I am now 3 days late 

  • Yes i have 4 test so far that have faint pink second line , im not to sure how to take it ive been off food it makes me feel sick my breasts are tender not really sore and ive had these exact symptoms with my other pregnancies its confusing, but have docs this week hopefully i get in quick and get some better tests done

  • My last period was weird i normal heave bleeder for 7 days and spot the last day , my last period was only a few days one day of bleeding 2 days spotting i was worried  few days latter i took a test and got my first faint positive and ive tested every few days and still getting the fain positive,  its now waiting for doc appointment thats gonna feel like forever 

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