FAO mrs johnson xx

hi sharon just wondering how u are dont seem to have seen u on here for a while ....how are u getting on with bump??speak soon

lisa xxxxx


  • Hey Lisa!!

    How u doing??

    Im great thanks, really tired and spd pisses me off, but apart from that im good! 10 weeks to go, woohoo!

    Ive not been on as much, not been enjoying BE as much lately due to all the fighting/bitching etc, its not been the same :\(

    Bump is fine, getting bigger everyday, hows ur bump?

    Sharon x

  • well im not all good i been gettin pains and feelin really rough so docs said not to go back to work now i feel guilty but hey ho bubs comes 1st eh....i dont seem to be growin all that much baby seems to be runin out of room which isnt good i hope my belly grows some more for it lol............i know what u mean bout the bitchin i just find it quite amuzing but i dont know if i will move to baby once baby comes and if i do i think i will watch what i post , i do like ue last post about her friend "becca hughes"thats a very good point when i 1st read it i thought the whole car crash thing was weird but hey ho u just never know on here .....speak soon xxxxxxx
  • Im just being nosey. Am I thick or have I just missed the bitching? If there has been bitching, just ignore them. There's still us good guys xxxx
  • Yer I've missed this fighting/bitching too lol what's happened?
  • wow i didnt think it was like that on here how do ppl bitch i havent seen it on here sorry 4 sounding thick xx
  • i missed it to whats been going on then?? lol just ignore them chick xx


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