Mamas and Papas - sale times??


I was just wondering if anyone knew when Mama's and Papas are likely to have a sale, and whether their nursery furniture is ever in the sale?? It's just that I have fallen in love with the Newhampton range, but it is oh so expensive!! image

Tiz waz


  • When I was in there the shop assistant said september I think. She said they have a sale just before the new product launch which is in October.
  • This is true. When I worked there we had a sale at the end of summer to get rid of the summer items and discontinued lines.

    Sometimes they do online only sales, and in shops only sales so check both.

    The only issue is we couldnt tell you when the sale would end!! Thats the tricky bit!
  • Thanks!! I will keep eyes peeled in Sept then image Would be fantstic to get a discount on the furniture!!
  • Just wanted to add that I wouldn't bother with the factory shops either for big items - they aren't much cheaper than the shops and the lady in there told us that you don't get a guarantee with anything in there like you would from the shop!
  • We got our nursery furniture from Mamas and Papas for our ds in early December 08. We chose the Ocean range and it was half price so it might be worth waiting! x
  • They have just had a sale, online if not in store! They also had one in June because we got our furniture during that one so it seems to be every two months or so if they are planning another in October time!
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