It didn't work

My first baby was born 5 days late, and the night my contractions started we thought we would try having a bit of nookie to encourage him out! Well within a few hours I woke up with my first contraction. Whether it worked or not I thought it might be worth trying it again this time around! I'm due on Thursday, but am so bloody fed up and uncomfortable I'll try anything to get her out!

Well I know its not very scientific, but the fact is it DIDN'T BLOODY WORK! And I woke up in such a grump this morning!!! Poor hubby! His first words to me were "Still not in labour then?"


Any suggestions girls? Before I go on some kind of murderous rampage!

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  • Apparently it takes 250mls of sperm, for it to work in the same way Prostin gel does.... so I think you'd need to have sex more than once :lol:

    I think it is scientific Prostin gel (so the mw at antenatal class said) contains pig sperm and works by softening the cervix, so man sperm must do the same!!!
  • 250ml is alot!

    reester shouts "DAAAAVE - lets get busy again hon"!!!!!
  • i guess she just isnt ready to come out yet x
  • hey,

    i know the feeling. i have 11days left and am so fed up now. me and oh have been having loads of sex and its not worked. plus trying all the other things. i guess baby just doesnt want to appear. although i have been getting a lot of pre/early labour signs. and this morning when me and oh were having sex i think my waters went. but i am not sure. we had to stop midway (sorry tmi) and it defo wasnt anything else, unless i have a weak bladder lol. who knows. i am wearing a pad now though so i can keep an eye today and if its wet then i will call hosp.

    hope it happens for you real soon.
    kate 38+3

  • The day I went into labour I spent most of the day on my hands a knees making a blind for lo bedroom. Unfortunatly my waters broke that afternoon at my friends lo 1st birthday party. I provided the entertainment for the party that year LoL. I hope all goes well for you all and that you all have the labours you hope for.

    Kerry, Freya and bumps
    X X X
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