Growth Scans

I have Gestational Diabetes and I am having growth scans every 2 weeks, but they differ so much as I have had a different Sonographer every week, I saw the Specialist yesterday and he said they only use them as a guide, but I am really concerned as some of the measurements say the baby is 35 weeks and I am only 32 weeks, but they are probably going to let me go full term and I will give birth to an absolute whopper!!!!!!! Can anyone who has had these growth scans please tell me how accurate they were with the actual birth weight...I didn't sleep last night as I am really worried.


  • I don't know specifically about growth scans, but I had a 4d scan the other week and they gave me babys estimated weight but told me there is a 20% error margin either way on the weight. They also told me that they couldn't accurately measure the length of the baby at this stage either (I was 30 + 1 at the scan) - what they do is measure bits of the baby like head circumference, back and so on and kinda put the bits together to get the estimated weight.

    You could try asking them what the error margin is on the figures they are giving you
  • Thanks for your advice, I have asked them the error margin.......
    its 3 weeks.....doesn't fill me with confidence!!!!!
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