worried button is big already?

Might sound strange but i really feel im carrying a big baby at only 32 weeks! My maternity trousers dont even fit me anymore! This is my 2nd princess and dd was 8lb 5 born 14 days overdue. All through my last pregnancy i was told how small i was and it drove me mad, i just wanted a big bump! This time no one can believe i have 8 weeks left!

I last saw the consultant at 28 weeks and was measuring 30 week but she said this was fine, i now dont see the midwife till 34 weeks so thats 6 weeks of no checks and no measuring. I know im mad but ive measured myself with a tape measure and im 115cm around and i tried doing the fundal height (but obviously not sure im right) and i got 36cm.

I have a lot of BH and everything is a struggle at the moment, should i just stop worrying and wait for my midwife appointment? Im booked for a c section on my due date and really dont want button to come early!

LB 32+1 xx


  • Hi hun just wanted to say that everybody said I was huge and I measured 38/39cm at 33 weeks. I was 8 days overdue and my little girl was only 6lb 9oz! It may just be that you are carrying differently from your first one? xx
  • thanks for the reply, did you have to have another scan as you were measuring big? Just wish it wasnt so long between appointments so i could see what the midwife says xx
  • Yes I had a growth scan, baby was on 70th centile for tummy, 50th centile for the rest so not enormous but still fairly big. When I failed to progress during labour and baby remained high the consultant thought it was due to baby being too big for me. In fact it was the cord being wrapped around her neck. See what the mw say, try and push for a growth scan for reassurance if you can. xx
  • Hi, I just wanted to let you know I was the same at 30/32ish weeks (was HUGE and no one could believe I still had 2 months to go!) but now I'm 37 + 5 and feel pretty similar to when I was pregnant with DS at this stage, and don't feel like I've grown much at all! (I have but much more slowly) and my midwife said its normal to get bigger much more quickly with your 2nd, and then slow down as your tummy muscles are already looser from before.
    My son was 8lb 10oz at birth so i was also worried about having a big-un this time, and I was the same that everyone kept telling me how small I was with him so he was obvioulsy hiding somewhere! Midwife thinks this baby will probably be 9lb+ but I've no idea..and they don't do growth scans in our area unless your measuring small, if the babies big we just have to lump it! haha..

    Take care.xx
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