Why on earth do they call it MORNING sickness

When it can clearly doesn't only happen in the morning, If it was just the morning I think I could handle it but not the hole bloody day and night. I had it last time and it looks as though I'm going to get it just as bad this time. I been feeling totally crapp yesterday and today. Not actually been sick yet but I know if knelt at the loo I could quiet easily be sick.

Sorry I just needed to rant about it. Its a pain in the backside



  • hi iknow how you are feeling, have been the same since last week. not too bad in the morning but feeling sick all day, not actually being sick, just feel like crap.

    hopefully we will both be better soon.
    love becs x 11+2 wks
  • Me too! been having waves of nausea over the last few weeks and its steadily getting worse - today is really bad though, was in town with my daughter and felt so poorly, I've had a really bad cold recently and couldn't smell anything, and now my sense of smell is coming back with a vengeance, I was in a book shop where they have a cafe in it, and the smells kept wafting over and it was really turning my stomach! it's such a odd feeling though as the only time I feel okay is when I'm eating!!
  • yes me too, they say u feel sick when ur blood sugar level is low so if u try to eat small amounts and often u should much better, i have felt awful 2day and it took me so long to eat the smallest thing xx
  • i had sickness all day long with first pregnancy but wasnt actually sick just felt i was gonna be sick,it was never ending sickness finally past at 14weeks,
    this time its been 10 times worse, as i was beeing sick all the time,it passed at 16weeks.
    mint imperials help to stop u feeling sick for a bit.


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