OMG, we've done it...nervous

Well after many weeks of worry and many more to come me and hubby decided to bite the bullet and start ordering (we were going to wait until the birth!) We took my mum and dad to our local baby store this afternoon and we have laid down deposits on everything. Me and hubby are a bit superstitous so most of it wont be picked up until after the birth but cant believe we have done it. We are both so nervous that something will go wrong but cant be now, its ordered!!!! 28+5xxxx


  • Hey Tuppence, well done you! The chances of something going wrong are now very small, as you have no doubt been told a million times - but keep reminding yourself of it anyway! What a milestone for you and hubby :\)

  • Awww how many weeks are you hun? Try not to worry! Easy for me to say i know, i'm not in the least bit supersticious! just try to enjoy your pregnancy, and if it makes you feel better keep all the bits and pieces somewhere else untill bub makes an appearance! If nothing else, think how nice it will be when you come home from the hospital with your little bundle to find it all ready and waiting for you. The last thing you'll fancy just after giving birth is shopping for things!
  • buying things for the first time is so scary isnt it! me and dh were terrified incase something happened, so i know where you are coming from.
    i'm 26 weeks tomorrow and we still have a lot to get but have picked out most things, just needs ordering
    i have been buying lots of baby clothes which makes it seem so real, next plan of action is the nursery.
    it is excting tho and you should just go for it and enjoy getting things ready for your little bubba- dont worry everything will be fine!

  • you have done the right thing babe the last thing you want to be doing with a new born baby is going shopping for everything.
    i bought in most of the stuff at 24 weeks after i had my 4d scan done, i ordered my pram on friday and its being delivered on wed. all thats left to get now is clothes x
    this is my third so i wanted it all done earlyas doing anything with two little ones takes a lot longer than normal lol x
  • i had the same sort of anxieties at about 20 weeks and waited til after then like to to start pre ordering things. The buggy is coming next month but have all the rest of stuff from when lo was born. Got that down at the weekend and now have a mountain of sheets and clothes etc to wash.
    Take care
    Filo x
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