4 weeks pregnant with really painful cramps - normal??

Hi ladies,

Has anyone else experienced this? I am 4 weeks pregnant and the cramps are so painful! They come and go throughout the day but they really hurt! I'm not bleeding and went to see a doctor yesterday she and said I might have a miscarriage but there is nothing they can do... I didn't think she was very helpful!

Has anyone else experienced this? 

Thanks for any advice :)


  • Wow ur midwife is harsh. Sharp stabbings like pains are totally normal. Ad long as ur not bleeding with it i really wouldn't worry hun x 

  • I had this the first few weeks of pregnancy... and I still get it sometimes now and I'm 16 weeks today :) Everything is stretching and making room for your little miracle, do not worry about it darl, our bodies are amazing! Also... not to be rude but wind pains are terrible!! I've had those too... now those buggers hurt lol xxx 

  • Thanks ladies - you have made me feel a bit better.

    Although today I have some brown discharge (sorry for the overshare) :( I'm really worried I might be losing the baby...

    I guess it's just a waiting game :(

  • Tjust relax and put ur feet up xxx of the pain continues followed by heavy bleeding with clots then seek advice from ur midwife xxx brown discharge doesn't mean miscarriage  hun xxx

  • Thanks Susie... no one tells you about this part!! :-/ 

  • Doctors/midwives can be very harsh at the start and have the approach of "if your going to miscarry there's nothing you can do" (I was told the same thing) unfortunately I miscarried my first baby.

    Just to give you info from both sides as I remember wanting more info when it happened to me - with my miscarriage I had no bleeding initially just pains which started at 5+2 - the pains were really crampy almost sharp making me hold my tummy, followed by some very light bleeding. It seemed to go brown and then got a bit heavier but nothing extreme. That night I had very bad cramps that woke me up and the next day had bleeding like a proper period but still nothing extreme. I started passing little clots around lunch time followed by a large piece of tissue. 

    With this pregnancy I've had cramps off and on - at the very start they were like period pains and some stretching/pulling type pains. Some people bleed/have discharge in pregnancy too but just keep monitoring it. 

    I really hope everything is ok for you, let us know how you get on xx

  • Thanks Memza,

    sadly I have just experienced what you first described :-( The pain is dreadful and the bleeding has started to become very heavy with small clots :-( I clearly am now having a miscarriage...

    im devastated and can't help but feel I've somehow done something wrong? 

    The only thing I can hope is that in the future I'll manage to have a successful pregnancy and keep the baby... this is my first pregnancy so have no idea what to expect... the pain is just horrible now though :-(

    its very reassuring to hear you are now having a successful pregnancy- how soon after did you try again... I just feel so empty :-(

  • Aw hun I'm really sorry to hear that image make sure you still give the early pregnancy unit a phone as they will need to have a check regardless of what happens to see if there's anything there. If it is a miscarriage as it is early hopefully it should come away by itself. I only bled for about 5 days if it weren't for the clots/tissue it wouldve passed as a normal period. 

    I felt the same - some people said to me "aw I couldn't even think about getting pregnant again" but I just wanted a baby and felt that I had a space to fill in my heart! You don't forget about the baby and I wondered about so many things I did if I caused it but please trust me when I say that if this is a miscarriage it is highly likely losing it this early that it was due to a problem with chromosomes/implantati and would never have made it through the pregnancy anyway. That's that got me through I had very much a "it wasn't meant to be" attitude through the whole thing, as devastated as I was. 

    When I went to the hospital I was told that we could try as soon as I had a negative pregnancy test. Some people advise to wait a cycle or more and i think more for dating the pregnancy I think and read some horror stories of people trying straight after, falling again and then losing it again but also was told that you are much more likely to get pregnant in the first 3 months after a miscarriage or pregnancy I think because the cervix is still a bit open.

    Again we went with the "if it's meant to be it will happen when the time is right" attitude. We decided we would still have sex but wouldn't be able to properly track ovulation yet so waited to get my period so we could start afresh but I started having symptoms again so I did a test 5 weeks after I stopped bleeding from the miscarriage and low and behold I was pregnant again! Going on dates conception was about 5 days after I stopped bleeding. I am now 36 weeks pregnant with a little boy!

    I still have very stressful days when I worry about the baby but hopefully he will be here in the next few weeks. 

    As I said before please don't blame yourself! I really hope you get your rainbow baby soon xxx

  • Hi Memza,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write that message - it's been very comforting.

    I went to see the doctor this morning and she has sent me for some blood tests to make sure my hormone levels are dropping correctly and she also said we should just try again when it feels right for us.

    I also feel a bit like you I think... I just want to feel pregnant again as I just feel so hollow at the moment...it's just horrible.

    I'm so happy to hear you are now experiencing a healthy pregnancy and I'm sure everything will be fine :) Let me know how it all goes though... and hopefully it won't be too long before I can say I'm pregnant again and hopeful.



  • Kate. So sorry to hear u lost ur  sticky bean but please don't feel it's anything you have done. They're more common than u think. It's the bodies way of telling u that that cluster of cells haven't formed properly an the kindest thing is to get rid early on. U will have ur baby xx the positive out of this is that u CAN fall pregnant so please focus on this xx hugs 

  • Thanks Susie xxx

    I'm sure I'll feel better soon image xxx

  • Hi Kate, I found your thread  s wanted to say I am sorry for your loss. I had similar last month, and a confirmed chemical prey when I was 6weeks. I felt the same as you do, that somehow it was my fault, but it really wasn't anything we could have stopped. I am now on a thread on here for people trying to conceive after miscarriage, and the women are all lovely and very supportive, they also know how hard it is to consider another pregnancy after a mc. I thought it may be a thread you could find some support in image it helped me a lot last month. 


    I hope you are doing ok.

  • Hi please can anyone help iam 5 week 5 days pregnant i have had really bad cramps but the pain in my vagina is really sore achy but constant it keeps happening on and off ..worried mum to be 

  • Forgot to add zero bleeding x

  • i feel your pain I’m going through the same it leaves you with an empty devastating feeling, hopefully the next baby makes it🤞

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