how long in hospital??

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i have a really stupid question to ask, after i have given birth about how long will me and baby stay in hospital? - assuming i have a normal labour.

this is my first so i really dont have a clue, is the lengh of time different depending on if it is a c-section or natural birth?


  • As long as you like - usually minimum stay is around 6 hours and they will also discharge you if you are there a few days and don't need to be.
    I had my first son at 3.40 in the morning and could've gone home the same day - that evening or whatever. BUT i am a bit of a goon and I was waiting for them to come and tell me I could go home so I ended up staying until the following evening and the only reason I didn't stay another night was cause the woman in the bed opposite went home a few hours after coming onto the ward and I said to the nurse "when can I go home" at which she replied "whenever you want you don't have to stay here!" DUH!!!!
    It's basically up to you really.
  • Things have really changed since I had my son, I was in for about 5 days but nowadays if alls well they like to get you out as soon as possible.
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  • I would have killed myself if I had to stay 5 days! My gran was telling me they used to have 3 months bed rest back then!!!
  • I think it depends where you live. You should get told all the details when you go to antenatal classes.

    Where i am they like new mothers to stay in at least overnight. I had my baby at 6.30am and was discharged at 6.30pm the next day. I would have been discharged a little bit earlier but they had to wait to find out if i needed anti d or not. If its a section about 5 days. A girl across from me wanted to go home 2 days after a section. They said she could but if she had to be readmitted the baby couldnt stay in hospital with her so she stayed for that reason. If it is not your first baby you have to stay a minimum of six hours. Obviously it changes depending on how you feel and if your birth was straightforward or not.
  • thought that is was around that lengh of time, i will check what my areas policy is when i have my anti-natal classes, MW said i should receive dates in the next week or so
  • i've been told i will be in hospital for about 3 days due to being high risk but normally round here its a min of 6 hours and if your ok then you can go home after that
  • i was in for 5 days with my son after c-section but i think i could of happily gone home after 2 days but they made me stay as it was hospital policy! i could of self discharged but didn't want to make a fuss!

    my friend left bang on 6 hours after having her first!
  • Where I live, assuming you have a normal labour they ask you to stay in at least over night if it's your first (not counting the time you are in labour - obviously) but you can stay longer if you like. It is 5 days if you have a section.
  • with my 1st i got to the hospital at 6am , had him at 4.45pm and was home by 12pm the next day.

    it does depend on how the labour goes but ultimately it is up to you

  • In my area you can leave after 6 hours all being well but they prefer you to stay in for 24hrs. Only 3 days for a section. I would prefer to stay a couple of nights to help get breastfeeding established.
  • i had ryan round 8am was home around 4pm the same day. but with my first i was in for three days as i was very anemic and my level's were very low.
  • if labour is ok think u can go the same day.I had grace and an hr after having her they asked if i wanted to go!i stayed overnight cuz i wanted to make sure id got breastfeeding established but i went home the next mrning xx
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