Itching - should I be concerned?

Over the weekend I have started to get very itchy on my thighs, stomach, boobs and on the inside of my arms between wrist and elbow. I don't have it on my hands or feet. I thought it was perhaps down to me overheating but it has carried on for most of today. Where I am now scratching myself, I have horrible little lumps/blisters.

Is this normal or should I mention it to the mw? :\(


  • i would mention it to your midwife hunn i had this too and it drove me mad for about 3 weeks it turned out to be just hormone i was even making myself bleed scratching i had the tests for OC the liver one with the itchy hands and feet but all was clear how far along are you now
    claire x
  • Hi

    Thanks for replying.

    I am 14 weeks today and the itching is also driving me nuts.
  • oh dear its started quite early with you then i didnt start the itching to about 26 weeks hope you feel better soon
    claire x
  • That sounds like me! I've been itching badly for over 2 weeks now and can't sleep with it. I don't think you should worry too much, but to mention it to your midwife or doctor and ask for a liver function test just in case. The chances is are it's not OC, but it's better to have the blood test to check. There are various other itchy things that happen in pregnancy and I'm still not sure exactly what I have, but it's driving me nuts!

    Hope you get it sorted soon hun! Best to see the doc anyway, they might suggest you try antihistamines or steroid cream - you never know they might help in your case.
  • Thanks everyone,

    I have spoken with the mw and she has told me to make an app if the itching hasn't gone away in a couple of days. It doesn't seem quite so bad today so fingers crossed......!!


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